Poonhill Ghorepani Trek – the most popular easy trek in Nepal

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the most popular easy trek in nepal

Poonhill Ghorepani trek– the most popular easy trek in Nepal is also the most frequented traveler’s choice extended trip in Nepal. This trek being one of the best selling treks in Nepal can be enjoyed anytime of the year.  A week long trek will lead you to an elevation of 3210m at Poonhill from where you can sight the breathtaking view of the sunrise blended so well with Himalayan Panorama.

Here we have listed the reasons why this trek is so popular amongst the trekkers across the globe

Trek for all

the most popular easy trek in nepal

The short soft and easy trek can be done by everyone with normal physical fitness. The trek does not demand  strenuous walking so this trek is the best opted trek for all- kids, senior citizens, novice trekkers and travelers with limited time.

Represents all the other treks of all

the most popular easy trek in nepal

Like other trek in Nepal, this trek also presents pleasant walk on the rolling hills. You either climb or descend the hill all along the trial, which represents walking adventure as every  typical trekking holiday in Nepal.

Floral & Faunal Biodiversity

the most popular easy trek in nepal

Majority of the trek trial winds through the lush vegetation of Annapurna Conservation Area Project, hence you will see the wide diversities of  of floral and faunal species during the trek .

Gurung Culture

the most popular easy trek in nepal

The villages trekkers emerge frequently after long tiring walk are the native inhabitants of Gurung tribe. Hence, the cultural display of this brave Gurkha family is the major highlight of the trek.

Himalayan Panorama

the most popular easy trek in nepal

As you climb higher and you start gaining altitude, you will see more clear panoramic view of Himalayas. Witness the best sight of some world’s highest mountains including Annapurna itself and the shifting views of magnificent Fishtail that mesmerizes you throughout the trek.

Sunrise View

the most popular easy trek in nepal

The highest point of this trek – Poonhill 3210m from where you can see the best sunrise view and the glittering Himalayan giants gradually turning into sparkling mass of snow.

Bonus – the fun of playing with the snow during off season trek to Poonhill Ghorepani

the most popular easy trek in nepal

Photography Tour in Nepal & Bhutan- great photographic experience

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Photography Tour in Nepal, which includes culturally opulent destinations of Nepal and fascinating easy trek to Poonhill is wonderfully diverse holiday in photographic perspective. Recently, Jeremy Clayton Woodhouse led the team of photographers from Australia and United States of America to these places in Nepal. The Team of Photographers also explored Bhutan for the Photography Tour.

Photography Tour in Nepal


Ms. Arial McIntyre Lang, one of the members of the team says some beautiful lines on their Photography Tour in Nepal and Bhutan with us.


The best memory of our trip was the view from Poonhill. From Poonhill we were really blessed with the view. Though I became ill, the night we reached Ghorepani, the guide encouraged me and took care of me so wonderfully that I could see through the top.

The Services of Explore Himalaya was flawless throughout our Photography Tour in Nepal and Bhutan. Meeting and handling was great, clear, concise and helpful. We stayed in great hotels. Both our guides cared about their country; they were informative and flexible with Photography constraints.

Overall, we had great photographic experience. However, I would recommend to add great Boudhanath stupa to the itinerary at 4 PM and to add one extra day in Trongsa.

Wonderland of Himalayas- the best opted family holiday in Nepal

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An ideal family holiday, Wonderland of Himalayas is a composition of diverse activities of Nepalese highlights, which offers glimpses of every touristic attractions of Nepal. The soft and low altitude trek to Poonhill Ghorepani in Annapurna Region is the prime highlight of this holiday in Nepal. Allowing enough time in the typical hamlets of the region, in order to dig more into rural culture is an interesting part of the trek. During the trek you get to witness magnificent oak and rhododendron forests as you ascend to alpine meadows that afford spectacular views of the Annapurna Range. After the trek, a completely new activity for your holiday is designed. Wildlife Safari at Chitwan National Park atop a giant Asian elephant is considered one of the best wildlife activities in Asia. Encountering with several wild animals and spotting hundreds of species of birds are the major highlights at Chitwan. The mountain flight at the end of the tour is just like a sweet dessert. Mountain Flight takes you to the snow dominant Everest Region, where the gigantic peaks soar up to the sky.

Two Australian families, Welchs and Symmons recently explored the wonderland of Himalayas. Two weeks long holiday in Nepal made them fall in love with the country. Paul Welch after the completion of the trip wrote some sentences about their experiences during the holiday in Nepal.

Trekking was wonderful. Especially Rupen and the boys were very good. Jeep Safari at Chitwan and spotting sloth bears and several rhinos were very interesting and the Mountain flight was excellent opportunity to view the scenic nature.

Explore Himalaya’s service was excellent. Sabin, our Tour Officer was very attentive and took good care of us. Hotels and transportation were very good- reliable and comfortable. The team of Explore Himalaya is an outstanding and highly recommended team. We would rate their service with five stars and recommend Explore Himalaya to all the travelers to Nepal.

Poonhill Ghorepani Trek- Observing nature closely

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The wide range of Himalayas seen from Poonhill just before the sunrise

At 3,210m, the sunrise view from Poonhill of the snowy Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri Himalaya Ranges is a beautiful reward after every struggling step it took to make there!

Having the enchanting views of Himalayas so close up is a breathtaking sight!

The Ghorepani Poon Hill trek is a 4 – 5 day Trek in the Annapurna Region of Western Nepal. It is a soft adventure trekking holiday in Nepal demanding a moderate level of fitness to complete the Poonhill Ghorepani circuit.


Walking uphill before dawn on a long series of  stony staircase rewards trekkers with wonderful viewpoint- Poonhill

Mr. Benjamin Sorensen and Mr. Anders Jensen from Denmark through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel trekked to Ghorepani Poonhill recently. Here we have few words of admiration provided by Mr. Benjamin on Poonhill Ghorepani Trek.

Maximum use of legs to trek felt like fire burning in our legs however, to observe the amazing nature so closely from Poonhill was the best memory of our Poonhill Ghorepani Trek in the Annapurna Region.

The service of Explore Himalaya we would rate with 5 stars. Meeting and handling was more than perfect, hotels we stayed in were better than we expected, the guide was super fantastic and the staffs of Explore Himalaya were very good.

Explore Himalaya hosts trek as perfectly as Brazil hosts FIFA WC

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Sing out the battle cry, under the stadium sky,

Ocean and land divide, united we feel inside,

You can stand on my shoulders and raise up your arms,

When we all come together we light up the dark


FIFA World Cup 2014 theme song here has significant value; it is our turn to honor Brazil as our valued Brazilian guest Mr. Marcus Vinicius Abreu De Souza has truly admired Nepal. He was recently with us on Ghorepani Poonhill Trek. He also enjoyed Paragliding in Pokhara, Mountain Flight and cultural sightseeing tour. Here we have his words of admiration.


Sunset in Nagarkot, Paragliding in Pokhara, Mountain Flight, Poonhill Trek, Bhaktapur Sightseeing Tour…Every place I visited during my Nepal trip has been the best memories so far.

Explore Himalaya services were better than I expected. Sabin, my Tour Officer was very helpful throughout my trip. He is a great friend to be with. Hotels were all very good. Guides, Procash and Rupchan were throughout very responsible and helpful. I intend to have to them as guides in my next trip to Nepal as well. Overall, my every need was addressed. I would rate Explore Himalaya with 5 stars.

To fellow travelers planning to visit Nepal, I would recommend them to pick Explore Himalaya.It is one of the best travel companies I have ever traveled with.


Happy Explorers

Although we had to deal with some landslides on the route, we felt safe in their presence all the time.

- Anne-Mette Jespersen and Søren Stenderup Jensen , Denmark Read Testimonials | Submit Your Testimonial

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