Photography tour in Kathmandu- here’s the list of five amazing photographic destinations in Kathmandu

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In the city where everyone draws a bead to live a well off sophisticated life, the ancient values and culture has occupied larger space within the hearts of every individual living in world’s one of the greatest immingled cities, Kathmandu.

Only destination in Nepal that every photographer would like to spend more time filming vibrant and colorful shots for their photography archive is Kathmandu. Here we have five major destinations for Photography Tour in Kathmandu, which cater you a chance of capturing fleeting moments of lives in Kathmandu, which are grander than the life itself.




Kathmandu Durbar Square

The home to Living Goddess, Kumari and the ancient palace of kings of Kathmandu, from where they ruled this tiny kingdom in the past, Kathmandu Durbar Square is the hub of Kathmandu’s ancient culture and holds Kathmandu’s incredible legacy of medieval time architecture. UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, Kathmandu Durbar Square has cluster of artistic monuments and squares as old as more than 500 years.

Photographing in and around Kathmandu Durbar Square is a grand feast for the lens, where modern day life of Kathmandu ideally blends with the rich history of old Kathmandu. Grab an opportunity to capture the greatest moments of Kathmandu’s casual lifestyle of the modern days, hold your patience to seize the glimpse of Living Goddess Kumari through the lens, allow your cameras to shoot the remains of Hippy Tourism at Freak Street and shoot the images of artistic monuments and the deities inside them.




If you want film Tibet beyond Tibet-, go Boudhanath. The largest dome shaped Stupa in Asia where the sacred Buddhist prayer “Om Mani Padme hum” soothes the environment from dawn to dusk is one of the largest photography destinations in Kathmandu. Historic stopover point for traders and scholars traveling to Tibet from South, Boudhanath is truly a Tibet inside Nepal. The colorful prayer flags fluttering from the pinnacle of this UNESCO World Heritage Site touch the base of this circular monument and watchful eyes of Boudhanath always seem to protect its devotees. Maroon robed monks circumnavigating Boudhanath and devotees demonstrating their devotion in several ways are great shots for the camera at Boudhanath.

Filming in Boudhanath is also wonderful because this is a place, where elderly citizens of Tibetan origin gather in the morning and evening to socialize. Plus, myriads of outlets that ring this giant stupa produce and sell Tibetan products such as butter lamps, thankas, Tsompa, herbal medicines and paintings among others.






A journey to the spiritual self-emerged Buddhist stupa atop a hill overlooking Kathmandu is the great photography trip inside Kathmandu. The geological research has verified the fact that Swayambhunath was in existence during the 4th century. Crowded monkeys throughout the vicinity justify its name, the Monkey Temple. The helter-skelter mix up of Buddhist and Hindu iconography, Swayambhunath highlights the sparkling white stupa with the top of aureate steeple painted with the watchful eyes of Gautama Buddha.

Photography tour of Syambhunath during the mornings and evenings heightens the opportunity for photographers as they can capture the authentic atmosphere of this sacred site. The aroma of incense and butter lamps dominating the entire atmosphere and the devotees circumambulating the stupa spinning the prayer wheels at its bases are great cultural shots at Swayambhunath.






Nepal’s largest and the holiest Hindu shrine, Pashupatinath lies on the banks of Bagmati River. Photography around Pashupatinath is full of activities that manifest Hindu rituals. An UNESCO World Heritage Site Pashupatinath Temple has so much to offer in photography perspective.

Holy saints gallivanting around in their peculiar looks, vendors selling prayer requirements and the activities of thousands of local and foreign devotees are great rewards for the lens at Pashupatinath. Moreover, the long array of small temples and sacred Shiva Lingams surrounding the golden hooded main temple are also great shots at Pashupatinath. Off beat material for the cameras at Pashupatinath include the Hindu cremation procedures, which goes on at Aryaghat (the bank of Bagmati) 24/7. Capturing the best of Hindu rituals in Nepal is no doubt at Pashupatinath. If you are in Nepal during the festivals like Mahashivratri or Teej, bother to visit this site as you can make some of the best photographs of Nepal, which portray the rich culture of Hinduism in Nepal.






Old Asan Bazaar

Thinking of street photography in Kathmandu, go for the walk around Old Asan Bazaar. Nowhere in Kathmandu caters the best street photography over this bustling old town Asan. The narrow streets, with choke full pedestrians and as many two-wheelers, Asan is the integral place of Kathmandu lifestyle.

Capture ongoing street trades, shoot culturally attired natives and have a pleasure shooting the oldest settlement of Kathmandu. Couple of hours walk around Asan caters thousands of shots that could provide you an opportunity to film something noteworthy that could amaze the eyes of western societies. If you are in Kathmandu and planning to capture weirdly amazing images into your camera visit Asan by yourself and see what you get.


Photo courtesy to Nathan Horton Nepal Photography Tour & Marius Coetzee Kathmandu Photo Tour

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