Reviving good old days- a year after the quake

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Trailokya mohan-vishnu temple of Kathmandu Durbar Square after the earthquake in 2015

the sight of Kathmandu Durbar Square after the quake last year

Our heartfelt condolences to people those lost their lives during the earthquake on April 25, 2015. May their souls Rest in Peace. We wish a quick and meaningful recovery of the people injured during the quake and those who lost their loved ones.

After a year of the tragedy, Nepal is slowly finding its way towards recovery. Lots of monuments have been rebuilt and many are on the phase of restoration. Nepal is once again safe and sound. People here are ready to welcome travelers. We urge travelers to visit Nepal.

Status of 3 most popular trekking regions of Nepal- Annapurna & Everest assessed safe

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“The vibrancy and the colors of festivals like Gaijatra, Janai Purnima and Teej manifest the upcoming biggest celebrations of the year in Nepal. The festivals like Dashain and Tihar are approaching nearer and so does the most favorable time to travel to this Himalayan nation. Travelers’ autumn in Nepal is on the brink to start.”


After the devastating quake of 2015, many believed tourism in Nepal for years has no possibility at all. However, proving many wrong Nepal has emerged as the best travel destination for Autumn 2015 after all the maladies the country went through.


“The massive assessments made at different levels in the quake affected regions, the incredible unity to rebuild and bounce back better amongst the Nepalese and the unconditional support from many noble hearts across the world has made impossible a possible and as the result, Nepal is back on its feet ready to cater the greatest walking adventures once again.”

Moreover, the dependable hopes of building better Nepal slowly begin to emerge as the political instability in Nepal ends and so does the transition period as the newest Republic Nation recently gets its new constitution. As the bright morning comes after the scary dark night, everything seems to favor Nepal now.


On today’s post, we have covered the three most popular trekking regions of Nepal and the affects made on these regions by the devastating quake of 2015.


The most popular trekking region in Nepal or say in the entire world Annapurna Region remained intact despite the April quake epicentered very close to the region. Miyamoto International assessed all the areas of Annapurna except the section from Thorung Phedi to Throung La Pass because of weather constraints. Only 3 percentages of the infrastructures of the Region suffered slight damages during the quake and thirty bridges assessed were found intact. Hence, Annapurna Region is the safest and the most fascinating trekking region in Nepal for the Autumn 2015.



Everest Region is mostly intact. US based Engineering Firm, Miyamoto International assessed 40 mile of classic Everest Base Camp Trail. Almost 83 percentages of the buildings on the trail and 9 major bridges over raging Dudh Koshi River were unaffected by the quake. The properties that suffered minor damages required slight maintenance and the works have been already begun. Besides the recommendation to relocate the infrastructures of Villages like Toktok and Banker, the Everest Region is safe for trekkers during the upcoming Autumn Season.



The third most popular trekking region in Nepal, Langtang suffered heavy loss during the quake 2015. The landslide triggered by the powerful tremor of April 25 killed hundreds and swept away several settlements of the region. Hence, Langtang Valley Trek that leads to Kaynagjin Gompa is closed for the upcoming Autumn. Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) has put effort to reopen the fascinating treks in Langtang Region. However, treks to the lower regions of Langtang like to Helambu and Gosainkunda are still safe and are in operation.



Nepal: Bounces Back Better

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culture ii

April 25th 2015, the country shook nearly for a minute with M.7.9 tremor and instantly the global attention focused Nepal. Death tolls were rising every minute after the devastation and so did the value of infrastructures and human houses collapsed. World began to Pray for Nepal and enormous help to relieve the quake victims and rescue the trapped ones landed the only International Airport in Kathmandu.  Travelers all around the world almost imagined the hub of alpine adventure has gone down so bad that it would take years to bounce back. Surprisingly, no such thing happened and Nepal took no time in being normal. From the darkness, Nepalese united and determined traveled as fast as possible with all helping hands and shocked the world overcoming the adversity of such degree, which has become an exemplary act.

The prime question is- has Nepal once again become the safe holiday destination after all this disaster, the country has suffered? We would say a big “YES”.


Nepal and Nepalese are trying to heal their scars and are on their way back to normalcy. Just four months after the devastating quake, the streets of Kathmandu experienced traditional celebrations just like previous years. Natives have accepted their fates and eventually are back into their traditional lifestyle. The movement is gearing up and travelers around globe are slowly being seen in the streets of Nepal and country’s tourist hub. The trekking trails are now experiencing trekkers willing to see Nepal after the quake.gai jatra

Nepal and Nepalese are trying to heal their scars and are on their way back to normalcy. Just four months after the devastating quake, the streets of Kathmandu experienced traditional celebrations just like previous years.

Towering ice-topped mountains sparkle with the colorful prayer flags, while the fanatical streets of Kathmandu are a ceaseless delirium of honking motorbikes, additionally the historical and religiously important 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites scattered in different corners of Kathmandu, though some of them were badly hit by the quake: Nepal is still a vibrant slice of Asia.bhaktapur

Even after the quake, if there is a trekkers’ paradise, then beyond doubt, Nepal is the first pick despite popular regions like Manaslu and Langtang suffered huge loss during the quake. Trials to the base of Himalayas assessed safe trekking trails in Nepal offer top-notch trekking terrain – from amazing Annapurna to eminent Everest – sprinkled with rural mountain hamlets, and hundreds of rolling trails that have been trodden upon for centuries. The trekking trails hit by landslides triggered after the Quake 2015 has been reopened or are on the process.

The trekking trails hit by landslides triggered after the Quake 2015 has been reopened or are on the process.

dolpo trek

Nepal is truly an interesting and convivial destination for all.

However, divinely and naturally, blessed Nepal is indeed not only for mountaineers who set off to clamber the higher elevation; from the lime-green grasslands of Chitwan National Park rustling with the dark grey flash of One-horned rhino, to the eclectic cafés and unconventional vibe of Lake-side Pokhara, Nepal is truly an interesting and convivial destination for all.

Accommodation in Nepal after the quake

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After the earthquake on 25th April, many travelers around the globe may have been unknown with the accommodation facilities in Nepal.  Here we list out the status of Hotel in Nepal.



Hotel Hyatt Regency in Kathmandu is safe after the earthquake.

Hotel Vajra Guest House, safe accommodation in Kathmandu

Hotel Vajra Guest House, safe accommodation in Kathmandu

List of Hotels that are safe

Hotel Dwarika’s

Kantipur Temple House

Gokarna Forest Resort

Del’ Annapurna

Hyatt Regency



Soaltee Crown Plaza

Yak & Yeti

Malla Hotel

Himalaya Hotel

Hotel Sambhala

Hotel Marsyangdi

Country Villa

Lakeside Retreat

Fishtail Logde

Temple Tree Resort & Spa

Water Front Resort

The Fulbari Resort

Kasara Resort

Tigerland Safari

Hotel Vajra Guest House

Tiger Tops & many more…



Traditional Newari Accomaodation provider Newa Chen in Patan after the quake

Hotels with possibility of renovation:

Kathmandu Guest House

Tibet Guest House

Newa Chen

Club Himalaya

Paradise Inn

Shivapuri Height Cottage

Raniban Retreat

Famous Farm

Himalayan Horizon

Dhulikhel Mountain Resort

Balthali Village Resort

Yeti Mountain Home

The Last Resort

Hotels not in Operation:

Hotel Everest

PATA Nepal Rapid Recovery Task Force handed over to tourism stakeholders of Nepal

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Tourism Recovery Plan Nepal

Disaster Management and Recovery Experts Andrew Jones and Bert Van Walbeek handed over the Reports and Recommendations titled “The PATA Nepal Rapid Recovery Task Force” to the members of Tourism Recovery Committee, Nepal amidst the seminar today morning at Hotel Shangri-la. The document shall be guidelines for Tourism Recovery Committee Nepal during the process of recovering Nepalese Tourism Industry.

The former Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter, Mr. Ashok Pokhrel received “Report & Recommendations” booklet prepared the disaster management and recovery experts, Bert & Jones.

bert van walbeek pata

Mr. Walbeek who has been playing the integral role in recovering Nepalese Tourism after the quake said, “this is our recommendation based on several reports and assessments made by the stakeholders of Nepalese Tourism.

He added, “to execute these recommendations with proper plans and strategies within next three months is once again are the stakeholders of  Nepalese Tourism to ensure the recovery of the entire tourism industry in Nepal.”

The Vice President of PATA International Mr. Andrew Jones thanked all the attendees for being the part Tourism Recovery Task Force.

Mr. Jones said, “During the Recovery process PATA International will support to boost the tourism industry of Nepal in every possible way.”



Happy Explorers

The meeting and handling was very good and on time. We were provided lots useful tips about the Kathmandu and trek. During trek our trekking staffs were very helpful. Lodges were good with warm welcome every time. Itinerary was good and flexible and adapted to our needs.

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