Everest Peace Project’s Everest Base Camp trek

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The Everest Peace Project’s trek to Everest Base Camp concluded recently. Lance Trumbull, the leader of the expedition has been kind enough to share some  photographs of the trek with us. Here are some images from the Everest Peace Project’s trek to Everest Base Camp. (Read our earlier blog post)

Everest Peace Project

Everest Peace Project’s team at Kala Patthar


Everest Peace Project

Expedition Leader Lance Trumbull


Everest Peace Project

Lance with Explore Himalaya’s Sherpas


Everest Peace Project


EPP Team

Team – Everest Peace Project

Mt.Everest & Nuptse

Mount Everest(left) & Nuptse(right)

Khumbu Icefall

Khumbu ice fall & a helicopter flying over it




Tengboche Monastery

Inside Tengboche Monastery

Everest Peace Project

A little Sherpa girl & Mount Ama Dablam in the background

(Photos Courtesy: The Everest Peace Project,www.EverestPeaceProject.org)

Kyojo Ri’s(6186m) Ascent in Winter

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Nepalese Climbers Dawa Steven , Nanga Dorje and Pemba Tenzing scaled Kyojo Ri(6186m), a peak lying in the Khumbu region on 6th December. By scaling the peak in winter they have proved that climbing 6000m peaks in Nepal is possible even during icy winter season.
The route the trio took was off the beaten track. Kyjo Ri lies behind Khumbila Peak at the end of two hidden valleys located above 4000m.These hidden valleys rests between the Gokyo Valley (on the east) and Nangpa Valley (on the west). The team took a straightforward approach to the hidden valleys from Khumjung village.
The first hidden valley had an expanse of green pastures. Walking north towards the peak, they encountered a rocky headwall. While the left side of the wall had a very wide frozen waterfall , the right side had a narrow and steep cut in the wall. They entered the second hidden valley via this path.


Kyajo Ri

The second hidden valley was rocky and barren with a large frozen pond in the middle. To the north of the pond there was a large sandy field and the team set up camp there. The next morning the team woke up early for the summit push. After an hour’s walk they had scaled the headwall of the second valley and arrived at Kyajo Ri’s glacier. Crossing the glacier the team came to the base of a rocky section leading straight up to a Col. The Col was directly south west of Kyajo Ri. From the Col the route curved up towards ice and hard granite rock. The team chose to free climb up and over the rocks to about 200 m below the summit.

Towards the end of the rocky section, they started fixing a rope(180metres) on the 50 degree slope of hard ice. Luckily the team found a 70m section of rope to the summit, left behind by a previous climbing team. Climbing up the rope the team managed to reach the summit at exactly noon on December 6th, 2010. The summit of Kyajo Ri offered a 360 degree view of major peaks in the Khumbu region, including Mount Everest (8848m), Lhotse (8516m), Makalu (8481m), Cho Oyu (8201m), Pumori (7161m), Shishapangma(8027m), Ama Dablam (6812m), Palung Ri (7013m), Gyanchung Khang (7952m), Ngozumba Ri (7786m), Thamserku (6608m), Khantega (6782m)etc. Normally teams would have taken 5 days to reach the summit from Khumjung , but these Nepalese climbers had succeeded in reaching the summit of Kyajo Ri in just 28 hours. Good weather conditions, hard and solid ice, and firm snow all contributed to the team’s successful ascent. Kudos to the team!
(Photo: Asian Trekking)

Everest Treks

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Everest has been voted as one of the top-ten destinations for 2011 by CNN. Not surprising, because Treks to Everest Region has been a favourtite among trekkers taking the Himalayan trail. With its rugged trail, towering peaks (including +8000m peaks like Mount Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu), traditional Sherpa villages, well maintained tea houses and lodges and magnificent mountain scenery, the Khumbu Region is worth a visit. In fact, many return to this high and beautiful region after their first experience. A client who trekked with us to Khumbu in the Autumn of 2010, has expressed a similar desire in a written testimonial sent to us via email..


I am writing this mail to say many thanks for your good service during my trip in Khumbu in Autumn 2010. I really enjoyed it a lot and I am extremely happy that it worked out so well. I can hardly wait to get going to Nepal again…… I do not know when we will meet again, but one thing is for sure, we will meet again because I will certainly be returning to the Khumbu for climbing. It will really be good to see you all again.

Thanks for a good trip!

Best regards,
Jacob Klaris-Jensen

Kipling Travel


Interview with Klaus Leo Michael Gachter

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Klaus Leo Michael Gachter from United States is no stranger to Nepal. He has been to Nepal several times and had visited Khumbu thirty years for the rebuilding of the Tengboche Monastery. According to him he was amazed to see the changes in Khumbu since his last visit.

Klaus, who is in his 70s, jumped tandem from a height of 21,000 feet & 27,000 feet during the  skydiving (Everest Skydive 2010) event held  at Shyangboche drop zone. He is one of the oldest Everest Skydive member to skydive from this height. Explore Himalaya salutes this adventurous soul. A few minutes before his departure, we got to meet and talk to him at Radisson Hotel. He seemed delighted with his skydiving experience and plans to come back next year.

klaus-leo-skydiverKlaus Leo Michael Gachter

Excerpts from the interview:

EH:How do you feel after skydiving in the Everest region?

Klaus: I feel great and it was an awesome experience. I really hope I will do it again next year.

EH: Is this your first visit to Nepal?
I have been to Nepal six or seven times. But I have not been trekking for the last thirty years ,so it was quite different in Khumbu. I visited Khumbu thirty years ago when I went to Tengboche to initiate the rebuilding of the monastery and Khumbu has totally changed .Then it was all tents, now its all lodges and it is much more comfortable.But trekking is much hader now as you are thirty years older…

EH: What are your views about skydiving in Nepal?
Klaus: I think you can’t do this anywhere else. I think its nowhere as challenging and that’s why I have done it and I enjoyed it tremendously and I wanna do it again.The Himalayas are absolutely amazing. When you view Mount Everest from the top of the viewpoint there, it takes your breathe away!
Skydiving- it takes a certain type of people to do it. I have skydived 40 years ago, but only about a hundred jumps and so in the meantime I totally stopped till this event . But another thing is, I have enjoyed it so much that I will take new lessons in the States when I get back. I plan to come back to Nepal again.

EH: We believe you are involved in charity work.Can you tell us more about this?
Klaus: I am already involved in charity with three organizations in Nepal for the last 20 years, actually since 1981. Nick (Leventis) has just given me an idea during this trip, to maybe do the next jump also as a fund raising event. I don’t know yet how I can work this out but I think it will be an opportunity to take.

Nick Leventis sets a New Skydiving Record

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After setting a new skydiving record at Shyangboche, Nick Leventis flew back to Kathmandu. Explore Himalaya caught up with the British racing pro at the Radisson Hotel to find out more about his skydiving experience and his fund raising endeavors for charity.


[wpaudio url=”https://www.explorehimalaya.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/nick-leventis-skydiver.mp3″ text=”Play Interview with Nick Leventis” dl=”0″]

EH: How are you feeling after Everest Skydive?
Nick Leventis: I feel good. I feel very good. We had a few tough days and the weather was not too favorable. But that’s the mountains and I am really happy I got the record this morning. I think a lot of hard work by Explore Himalaya went in to make this possible. I am really happy that we could get it done today and we could set a new altitude record in the Himalayas.

EH: Is this your first time in Nepal?
NL: First time in Nepal, but its definitely not going to be my last. I think I am gonna come back next year for sure and try and do something even more outrageous and try and raise more money to give back to Nepal.

EH: In your first visit to Nepal you got to see Mount Everest up close. How did you feel?
NL: Amazing, absolutely amazing. To be up so close, It was amazing to see the mountains, the views. It was just so incredible and for me, it’s a part of my heart now. I wanna come back next year and even the year after.

EH: What are your views about skydiving in Nepal?
NL: I think it’s great, I think it’s very challenging! I think it’s definitely not for beginners but I think it’s a trip of a lifetime. I think skydiving in the Himalayas, especially around Mount Everest is fantastic. Not only just the skydiving but also the trek up to the Shyangboche area. You know there’s so much history and such amazing views and amazing culture, that you really feel a part of the country. The whole trip has been an amazing experience!

EH: As a racing professional, how do you find  skydiving  different from racing?
I have been racing my whole life and it’s my career. So for me it comes very easily. Skydiving is something new for me but I definitely think I am gonna be doing more of it.

EH: Are you planning to get involved in more charity works in Nepal?
Next year I have got a project with Ryan. But we are just gonna go home now and try and get as much TV coverage as we can. I would definitely like to come next year and do a documentary on myself and Ryan, basically a solo jump on the highest skydiving jump and landing at the highest altitude drop zone. Primarily this would be to raise money for Nepal and we would probably focus on the deforestation and also for the impoverished communities around Khumbu area as well.

EH: Would  you recommend Nepal as a place worth visiting?
One hundred percent! Well if you haven’t been here already you should come here once, otherwise there’s no point in traveling anywhere else!

Happy Explorers

We felt like a king and received very professional service from all staff during our trip. Lodges and food during the trek was good.

- Niklas Jacobsen and Sandra Maculla , Germany & Switzerland Read Testimonials | Submit Your Testimonial

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