Everest Skydive 2010 (Autumn) Begins!

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And the World’s Highest Skydiving adventure Everest Skydive gets underway….

Test jumps for the Autumn edition of Everest Skydive 2010 took place at Shyangboche (12350 feet) dropzone today (13th October 2010).


Derek Thomas

Derek Thomas (UK)  jumped  solo  from 25,000 feet while tandem master Kevin Hardwick(UK) made a tandem jump with German camera flier/ television producer Alex Behse from the same height.

Tandem-test jump

Tandem Jump – Alex Behse with tandem master Kevin Hardwick

Both the jumps were made from Tara Air’s Pilatus porter aircraft at around 12 noon(local time).


Watch this space for more updates!

(Photos:Wendy Smith)

Everest Skydive – May 2010, Drop Zone Shyangboche

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Drop Zone : Shyangboche (12,350 feet)

16th May, 2010 – 1 lift

Test jumps for Everest Skydive 2010 were performed at Shyangboche at 9:35 AM (local time). 1 solo and 2 tandem jumps were made from above 20,000 ft.

Wendy Smith (New Zealand) jumped solo from 27,000 ft, while Bibek Pandey (Nepal) made a tandem jump with tandem master Tom Noonan (USA). Likewise Ful Man Tamang (Nepal) too jumped tandem with Dr. Ryan Jackson (UK).

Group 1- ESD 2010<From  left: Pilot 1, Tom, Ful Man, Bibek, Wendy, Ryan, Pilot 2, Pilot 3

Tom Noonan & Bibek Pandey

17th May, 2010 – 2 lifts
The jumps were held at 8:15 AM (local time).
First Lift – James Robert (UK) & Ryan Jackson made test jumps from 18,000 feet. Nik Halik (Australia) made a tandem jump with tandem master Tom Noonan from 29,500 ft. Wendy Smith jumped solo as Camera Flier from 29,500 ft.


Second  Lift – Jean Claude Mario (France) did a test jump from 18000 ft and Tom Noonan jumped solo from 25,000ft. Dr. Ryan & Dik Bahadur Khirsina (Nepal) made a tandem jump from 25000 ft.

Tandem Jump

18th & 19th May, 2010
Jumps cancelled due to bad weather.

suman pandeyEvent  Organizer : Mr. Suman Pandey talking to media persons

mario-nik-myriamFrom right: Nik , Myriam & Mario

20th May, 2010 – 1 lift
Jean Claude Mario (France) took Myriam Mura (France) on tandem jump, while James Robert (UK), Ryan Jackson (UK) and Wendy Smith (New Zealand) made solo jumps. The jumps were made from 29,500 ft.

Camera Flier - Wendy Smith Wendy Smith

ESD 2010Sharing their experiences with the media – Wendy Smith , Ryan Jackson & others

The jumps were made from  Tara Air’s Pilatus Porter.

Tara Air's Pilatus Porter

Everest Skydive on Action Asia Magazine

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This article & pictures on Everest Skydive were published in Action Asia’s March/April issue.

Everest Skydive 2009 Videos

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Press Release – Everest Skydive 2009

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Everest Skydive 2009

October 29, 2009: Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Everest Skydive 2009 program.

On October 28, 2009 a skydiving event was held at Gorak Shep. During the event, world skydiving champion Wendy Smith from New Zealand, Global Angels ambassador and tandem master Tom Noonan and Wing Commander Jai Kishan from the Indian Air Force, made a successful landing at the Gorak Shep, Kala Patthar plateau, lying at an altitude of 17,192 feet (5,242m), right beside Mt. Everest. This is believed to be the highest skydiving stunt performed over highest drop zone in the world.

The operation was carried out from Fishtail Air’s AS 350 B3 helicopter flown by Capt. Sabin Basnet and Capt. Deepak Rana. The dives were performed in the morning of 28th Oct, 2009 between 7:30 to 9 AM. The helicopter took off with the skydiving team from Shyangboche airport and flew to a height of 23,000 feet before dropping from 21,000 feet at right air layer.

Prior to this event, seven skydivers from the Explore Himalaya skydiving team had performed solo and tandem jumps at Shyangboche (12,350 feet) on 16th and 17th October, 2009.

On 16th October, Five members skydived from a height of 25,000 feet .Tom Noonan (USA), Ian Bishop (Australia) and Jai Kishan (India), made solo jumps at 10:30 AM (local time). In the second group, , Wendy Smith (New Zealand) jumped solo, while Ganesh Pandey (Nepal) made a tandem jump with tandem master Tom Noonan (USA) at 12:30 PM (local time).

On the second day, ie 17th October, Wendy Smith (New Zealand), Jai Kishan (India) and Mery Noonan (USA) made solo jumps from a height of 27,500ft at 8:30 AM (local time). While Everest summitter, Pujan Acharya (Nepal) made a tandem jump from a height of 29,300 feet, with tandem master Tom Noonan (USA) at 10:30 AM (local time).

The jumps over Shyangboche were made from Tara Air’s Pilatus Porter aircraft, flown by Capt Jack Sparrow (UK) and Praful Baidya (Nepal). Capt Jack Sparrow, an experienced pilot, has performed more than 4,000 lifts (flights for skydiving) for skydivers in Europe and is preparing to launch a skydiving club in Thailand, which will be the first in Asia.

As a continuation of the Everest Skydive 2008, the Everest Skydive 2009 program was organized by Explore Himalaya with the help of Nepal Tourism board to promote Nepal Tourism Year 2011.During the event, all the skydivers sported the logo of Nepal Tourism Year 2011 on their jumpsuits. The visuals of the skydiving event will be distributed worldwide.

After the success of Everest Skydive 2009, Explore Himalaya is planning to establish Skydiving as a prominent tourism product of Nepal. More events shall be launched to mark the Nepal Tourism Year 2011.Very soon, skydiving tests and commercial operations will be performed in Pokhara. With due support from all concerned, we are planning to organize a team of Nepalese Civilian Skydivers for aerial events to be held in 2011’s Nepal Tourism Year.

Finally, we would like to thank the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Ministries of Home, Defence, Forest, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, Tara Air family , Fishtail Air family, Sagarmatha National Park, members of the Skydiving ground team from Explore Himalaya and all concerned who have contributed in making the Everest Skydive 2009 a grand success. I would also like to thank the companies Javelin Suntath , Aerodyne, and Performance Design from the US and Vigil from Belgium for providing parachutes and equipments. Summit Oxygen from United Kingdom for supplying the oxygen system and Capt Jack Sparrow who flew all the way from UK to perform the skydiving flights.

Happy Explorers

Dining tent was also supplied for meals. Nice detail having candle lit dinners! We stayed in one mountain hotel during pouring rain and Sanu organized it very easily.

- Stephen Allridge & Catherine Duchock, Australia Read Testimonials | Submit Your Testimonial

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