Things to do in 10 days tour of Nepal.

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Every year many visitors travel Nepal pursuing to explore the best of Nepal. Two Belgian visitors Mr. Dirk Herman and Ms. Paula Sysmans arrived Nepal on October 20, 2012. During their 10 days stay in Nepal they explored the best of Nepal (Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan) as well as they had an incredible mountain flight to the Himalayas in Everest region and a drive to small hilltop tourist town of Dhulikhel.

Best of Nepal normally offers the Nepalese cultural and historical wealth in the Kathmandu valley, the wildlife safari and culture of tharu tribal at Chitwan and the extreme beauty in the nature with crystal clear lakes, mysterious caves and gorges and panoramic Himalayan views at Pokhara. These closely located cities are the complementary cities to each other.

Our Belgian visitors had planned for the quick access to the Himalayas in the Everest region. They flew with Explore Himalaya to the land of snow, where the beauties in highlands of the nature showered from all directions. The visitors were busy with their cameras throughout the mountain flight capturing the amazing exquisiteness in the untouched land of Himalayas.

The Belgian also visited 30 km east to Dhulikhel which is very popular for its scenic beauty and old tradition. Our visitors were spellbound with joys to observe the complete panoramic view of snowy ranges from Krayolung in the east to Himalchuli in the west from Dhulikhel.

After, the completion of the outstanding vacation in Nepal, the visitors had one free day on their own. On October 29 during the free day, they spent time wondering in the streets of typical Thamel and Asan. They were busy hunting souvenirs for their loved ones back home.

On October 30, Explore Himalaya escorted them to the airport. They thanked Explore Himalaya for the spotless amazing cooperation during their stay in Nepal. The smiles on their faces were expressing million tons of thanks just before their departure.

Visit to the most important places in Nepal.

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Ms. Maria Estela and Mr. Gualter Mello from Brazil toured the best of Nepal and additionally, they also explored Lumbini, Nagarkot and Himalayas on a mountain flight. Their tour kicked off on April 7, 2012 from Lumbini and their last destination was Nagarkot on the 14th. On 15th, the day after the completion of their tour, they departed Nepal.

Apart, from the best of Nepal (Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan) Lumbini is a prominent holy place to visit, which lies at lower Terai region of Nepal. Lumbini is the birth place of the founder of Buddhism, Gautam Buddha. Lumbini evokes the holy sentiments to millions of Buddhist around the world. The Buddhist devotees and cultural and historical visitors visit Lumbini every year in huge numbers. Lumbini is a pride of Nepal and it is an UNESCO heritage site. Ashoka Pillar, the image of Mayadevi, Puskarni- the sacred pool, Sanctorum of Buddha’s birthplace and numerous big and small monasteries, shrines and stupas at Lumbini provides the sensation of eternal peace.

After the completion of exploring Lumbini and the best of Nepal, the Brazilian visitors also ventured to Himalayan region on a mountain flight. The mountain flight in Nepal is an extreme opportunity to witness the beauty in the highlands of Nepal in a very short period of time. The Brazilian citizens had already covered the geographically diverse regions in Nepal; from lower Terai to High Himalayas. After the mountain flight, the tour continued to Nagarkot. After, the awe-inspiring sunrise view at Nagarkot the tour finally got completed.

The happy Brazilians departed Kathmandu on April 15.

Best of Nepal; Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan.

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Manish Khemka, Prakash Sharaf and their families started touring the Best of Nepal from May 11, 2012. The best of Nepal covers the cultural tour in Kathmandu valley, wildlife safari at Chitwan and sightseeing tour of Pokhara. They explored these destinations in a week time and departed Nepal on May 20.

On the arrival day at Nepal, the family was escorted to Chitwan 126km south west from Kathmandu. The first city of best of Nepal, Chitwan prides on Chitwan National Park. The park is the home of several endangered species. Penetrating the dense woods sitting on the top of elephant to observe these very rare species like one-horned rhino, Bengal tiger etc. is an absolute adventure.

Best of Nepal tour took the Indian family to another exotic city in Nepal; Pokhara. Pokhara, is the city of lakes, caves and glorious Himalayan views. Pokhara offers every modern amenity, yet it is closely surrounded by nature on every sides. Oaring the wooden oars at crystal clear Phewa Lake on a traditional wooden boat with the mesmerizing Himalayan views on the background and the lake itself is an extreme privilege offered by nature.

Finally, the last destination of the best of Nepal tour is Kathmandu valley. The heritage valley is full of heritage sites. The Durbar squares at Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan, Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath and Changunarayan are the culturally, historically and religiously rich with primordial arty displays.

After, the exploration to all these sites the Indian family took a free day on their own. They wondered around Thamel, Asan and shopping sites in the valley. They were pleased with the hospitality we provided them.

Visiting the Best of Nepal.

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Reuven Sagi recently visited Nepal with Explore Himalaya. The Mexican Travel agent Mr. Reuven was here in his familiarization tour to visit the Best of Nepal. Best of Nepal includes three cities Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. After the completion of his FAM TOUR, Explore Himalaya interviewed him at EH Office just before his flight to Delhi.

EH: Wecome to Explore Himalaya.

Reuven: Thank you so much.

EH:  You covered the long distance from Mexico to Nepal, did you enjoy the stay in Nepal?

Reuven: Oh yes! Very much. Nepal is a country with very much potential in terms of tourism, beautiful sceneries, nice people; I think it is a great location for the greater vacation.

EH:  Apart from trekking and mountaineering, the places you visited Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan are considered the best of Nepal, do you agree?

Reuven: Absolutely, I do. These are the highlights of the country with lots of things to do. All people from Mexico would like to visit the new places with new culture and new places and Nepal offers all these sides in these three cities.

EH:  Kathmandu is the cosmopolitan heritage city with temples, monasteries and Durbar squares of very ancient times, do you agree with the cultural heritage that Kathmandu holds?

Reuven: Yes, the whole city has high concentration of temples, monasteries, shrines, culture and history. The city is itself a heritage city with heritage sites everywhere. It’s amazing. The old city Palace Square in Patan has the very high concentration of religious and historical heritages.

EH:  Before coming to Nepal, what are the things, those attract you so much towards Nepal?

Reuven: I think authenticity of the country is the most important point. In the global age, I am very much impressed that Nepal is still authentic. The western world where I belong has lost its authenticity and it is a sad part. The culture, behavior and the life-styles here is very authentic. The life-styles the people follow here, like dresses, houses and what they eat is still very much authentic. Nepal has still not lost its authentic identity. In the global age where every corner in the western world has McDonalds and stuffs, Nepal is enjoying in its own traditional authenticity.


Mr. Reuven at Patan Durbar Square.

EH:  Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan offer the different sites and purposes of tourism attraction, how do you analyze the difference?

Reuven:  There are various aspects. The cities are complementary to each other, what we do not see in one city we get exactly in the next. Chitwan National Park at Chitwan offers the amazing wildlife experiences. Visitors who love nature and wildlife would definitely love this place. Kathmandu is a big city with hustle and bustles but it offers the high concentration of very ancient cultures and heritages in the region. Pokhara, it must be the only place on earth, with magnificent natural beauties, lakes, caves and the most beautiful views of Himalayas from the hilltop of Sarangkot. The perfect image of Mt. Fishtail in Fewa Lake was very amazing view.

EH:  What can a visitor do in these 3 cities, if may I ask could you please list out your discoveries?

Reuven: I was very surprised to see developed infrastructures. I found very good hotels. Basically Mexican visitors to this region are two types. First types are high profile middle aged or old people and the next types are young and adventurous. There are several things to do depending upon their type; the cultural sightseeing tour around the cities and wildlife safari in Chitwan as well as rafting at Trishuli on the way to Pokhara or Chitwan, paragliding from Sarangkot , boating, Himalayan views and many more. There are lots of things to do in these three cities.

EH:  How do you rate the services provided by guides and the hotel staffs during your tour in Nepal?

Reuven:  Very highly, the people in the business are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. They have very good English and hence there was no problem at all for the better communication.

EH:  Nepal enjoys very few Mexican visitors; shall we expect the increasing number of Mexican visitors to Nepal, from your side?

Reuven: I hope definitely yes. The purpose of my visit to Nepal is to explore Nepal and see what I can offer to my clients and share what I have seen to the people of Mexico. One thing we have to do is to promote Nepal. People don’t know about Nepal.  I have got enough pictures and information, first thing I will do once I go back is to promote Nepal. Every year lots of Mexicans visit Asia. They know about India, Thailand, Singapore and Hongkong but it is like Nepal is a forgotten country. We need a promotion. People in Mexico are in search of new places to visit with newer culture and charms and at least we can arrange an extension tour to Nepal to those Mexicans who visit Asia. It is logical and natural. It is not like that people travel from Mexico to Nepal and return back to Mexico. The extension tour would be a perfect solution to increase the flow of Mexican visitors to Nepal. Since, I am a wholesaler in the business, I would also share the information and pictures I have with several travel agents in Mexico.


Reuven at Pokhara- Mt. Fishtail in the background

EH:  Which part of the tour do you think is the best part of your tour in Nepal?

Reuven: The combination of three cities I visited Pokhara, Chitwan and Kathmandu gave me the whole vision of the nation. The different aspects in one single visit are the best part.

EH:  Do you have any recommendations and suggestions to attract the higher number of visitors in Nepal?

Reuven: I would think promotion is needed. The government of Nepal, tourism board of Nepal shall focus on the promotion to the international market.

EH:  What can be our part to help you promote Nepal as a new tourism destination amongst Mexicans?

Reuven: Yes, we can go for the internet brochures and send those to the travel agents all over the world. Next thing is to invite the travel agents from all over the world for the familiarization tour. Let them see what I saw; I don’t have any doubts on the fact this will lead to high increment of tourist’s arrivals in Nepal.

EH:   It was nice talking to you and we are very much hopeful for the flow of Mexican visitors to Nepal.

Reuven: Thank you so much, for interviewing me and taking my opinions.

Pics Courtesy: Reuven Sagi.



Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan: Best of Nepal.

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An primordial architectural display at Patan Durbar Square.

Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan are the cities in Nepal with the major sites of tourist attraction. Each city has their own specialties enough to provide the best vacation time to the visitors. Three Danish visitors; Mr. Otto, Ms. Kristen and Ms. Anja through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel were on the tour to these cities from 29 of December 2012 to 5 January 2013.


Sadhus retreat: Pashupatinath.

Despite of increasing pollution, narrow winding streets and rapidly growing modernity Kathmandu valley has been the amazing travelers destination since the sixties. The heritage valley reveals its primordial cultural and artistic heritages in the hidden temples, monasteries and the Durbar squares of three different cities within the valley. Pashpatinath lies at the eastern fringes of the city and it is one of the most important Shiva pilgrimages on the subcontinent. Every year, the  Hindu devotees and sadhus from all over the world visit this sacred temple. Boudhanath is the sacred Buddhist Monastery lying very close to Pashupatinath. Boudhanath is the home of one of the largest stupas in the world. Boudhanath reflects the unaltered Tibetan culture and lifestyles with streets full of maroon-dressed Tibetan monks, glittering roofs of the Monasteries and the street stalls dominated by Tibetan texts and yak butter. Patan Durbar Square, is an ancient Durbar square of the closely located city to Kathmandu. The Durbar square is full of temples and has dense concentration of architecture with 100s of stupas and bahals scattered throughout. The Dansih team made the perfect exploration of these sites and headed to Pokhara.


Monks enchanting prayers at Boudhanath.

200km west to Kathmandu lies a beautiful lakeshore city Pokhara. A triangular mountain peak Fishtail has its perfect reflection on the calm Fewa Lake. The mysterious caves and falls are scattered around the different parts of the city. The travelers visit Pokhara for many reasons. It is the starting point for the treks to famous Annapurna region. Pokhara also serves the paragliding adventure from Sarangkot: the hilltop overlooking Pokhara. The glorious peak views of the great Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri and Fishtail adds the glory to the beauty to this amazing city. After the couple of days exploration in this naturally blessed city Pokhara, the Danish moved towards Chitwan.


Rear-view of Pokhara from Sarangkot Hilltop.

Chitwan refers to Chitwan National Park. The park is the last habitat of endangered one-horned rhino. However, the park also serves as a habitat to remarkable number of Bengal tigers, leopards and Gangetic dolphins. The wildlife safari at Chitwan on the elephant is the most adventurous activity here to spot the endangered species enjoying in the wild. Chitwan National Park is equally popular for the conduction of Elephant Polo Competition every year.


One-horned rhino at Chitwan National Park.

Pics: EH.

After experiencing different activities in the three different cities of Nepal a week long vacation of the Danish visitor came to an end on January 5 2013.

Apart from mountaineering and trekking the exploration of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan is regarded the best of Nepal.


Happy Explorers

Our trek guide (Maule Tamang) was very informative and knowledgeable of the area and rather amusing company. The services in lodges during the trek were better than expected

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