Annapurna Base Camp: Enchanting beauty

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Annapurna Himalaya Range and the naturally blessed city Pokhara dominate the western Nepal. Annapurna Base Camp Trek starts from Pokhara. The most popular trekking region of Nepal, after Everest the trek highlights beautiful landscapes, the gorgeous mountain views, and the dense vegetation of rhododendrons, bamboos and giant firs. Moreover, the unique culture in the Gurung hamlets is equally meaningful to explore. As the trek comes closer to the Annapurna Base Camp the views of the wide range of Himalayas improve with every step the trekkers move. Annapurna Conservation Area Project has the leading role in preserving the floras, faunas, wild lives, and fragile nature of the region. The conserved area includes both the Base Camps Machapucchre and Annapurna. The trek in the region is also particularly popular because the trial also takes you the famous trekking peaks of Nepal including Tent Peak, Fluted Peak and Hiunchuli.

Mr. Torben Sorensen with Ms. Lis Sorensen and Ms. Malene Houmark with Mr. Mark Schultz from Denmark through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel were overjoyed with the kind of vacation they had this autumn. Their Annapurna Base Camp Trek was fantastic. They shared their trek experience with us.


Annapurna Base Camp was amazing. The experience we had during the trek was wonderful.

Everything was on time. Hotels we stayed in were fine. Guide Lhakpa was friendly and was always ready to help. Staffs of Explore Himalaya were very helpful. We had a wonderful holiday.

Mark and Malene

We were spellbound with the enchanting Himalayan view from Annapurna Base Camp. Everything was perfect. Guide Dhan and the porter were both very pleasant and nice persons to be with. Annapurna Base Camp Trek was a different holiday and probably a holiday of a lifetime


Annapurna Base Camp Trek- Expression of Nature itself

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Malaysian group with Adinath on Annapurna Base Camp Trek 

Thousands of people throng from all corners of the globe, to see the remarkable miracle of nature, in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas. Andrey Avtukh (Adinath) from Russia and the group of trekkers from Malaysia were not exception. This autumn, they decided to trek to Annapurna Base Camp for captivating close-up view of this colossal mountain and its siblings. “Anna” in Nepali refers to food and “Purna” refers to full. So, Annapurna means fullness of food. Religious trekkers like Adinath believe that people who trek in the region will never suffer the scarcity of food.  Annapurna Base Camp Trek was new to everyone in the group. However, Mr. Song Poh, Ms. Sitta V. Kanagasabai and Ms. Yogaranee Balaratnam had the trekking experiences in the Everest Region.


Breakfast in a tea-house during the trek to Annapurna Base Camp 

Annapurna is one of the most extreme Mountains in the world. But glory to the group, they succeeded. Trek took place along the classical route to the Annapurna Base Camp 4200m from where the incredible views of high-altitude points on the earth (Annapurna 1, 2, Machapuchare (Mt. Fishtail), etc are visible. Trek lasted 9 days. 5 days of the trek to the base camp and 4 days of walk back to Pokhara was wonderful. Steep Mountain lifts, stony stairs, majestic waterfalls, passages through the bamboo and rhododendron forests and virgin beauty of Himalayan apexes – made everyone spellbound!!! In the course of the trek the group perceived the entire spectrum of natural and weather sensations.


Landscape on the trial to Base Camp

Weather was not that favorable during the trek. Three days of continuously pouring rain and the leeches that bred after the rain made the trek challenging. To step back was not at all a solution. The group accepted the challenge as they knew nothing could prevent them in reaching to Annapurna Base Camp. As the group was approaching nearer and nearer to the Annapurna Base Camp rain continued. The group arrived to their destination but every effort put to get there seemed to be futile. It was still raining. But the miracle happened: next day during dawn rain unexpectedly stopped. Sky was clear and the awe-inspiring beauty of the Annapurna was just before their eyes. All trekkers ran out of their tea houses and began to photograph and capture videos of majestic Annapurna. Happiness and admiration dominated the atmosphere. After all, the trek to Annapurna Base Camp succeeded.


Traditional Gurung hamlet on the way to ABC

The group also enjoyed the cultural aspect of Nepal in the Gurung hamlets of the region during the trek. At Landruk, the group enjoyed the traditional dance performed by the native Gurungs of the village.


Despite of rain group arrives to ABC


Celebration time at ABC

Standing (L-R): Mohd. Shahrul Mohana Dass, Tan Kim Chan, Wong Kok Seong, Lim Min Heng, Lim Ka Tin, Song Poh, Datin Yogaranee Balaratnam, Sitta V. Kanagasabai, Andrey Avtukh (Russia), Ching Neng Bin,  

 In front: Chief Guide Lamababu Pinasha Sherpa and 2 assistant guides – Bikas Tamang and Pemba Sherpa

Credits: Adinath (Russia)

Annapurna Base Camp Trek 4130m

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Annapurna Base Camp Trek Map

Map Courtesy:

The best time to trek to Annapurna Base Camp begins now. Adventure addicts who enjoy to breathe the life on its edge, Get ready to trek to this seventh heaven, Annapurna Base Camp which is not less than the experience of a lifetime. Annapurna Base Camp Trek has been the first priority to adventure aficionados for years.  Enthusiast trekkers throng to this adventurous shrine every year. So, pack your bags and leave on a jet plane to Nepal.


Traditional houses in the ehnical Gurung Hamlet- Ghandruk

Highlights of Annapurna Base Camp Trek

  • En-route to the trek starting point , the rafting experience in the  rapids of rushing Trishuli River could be fascinatingly electrifying.
  • The nearest town for beginning the trek, Pokhara itself is a hub of natural beauties, idyllically blended with thrilling adventurous activities. Opportunities of spine-tingling activities like Paragliding, Ultra Light Mountain Flight, zip-lining and power para-gliding add the adventurous thrill to the trip.

Pristine stream on the way to ABC

  • Typical Gurung hamlets, homes to the brave and well admired British Gurkhas and their thriving culture, throughout the trial offers the outstanding cultural interaction with the natives of rustic Nepal.
  • The walk through the lush vegetation of rhododendrons, firs, pines and bamboo forest with the possibility of encountering with the highland wild animals and the colorful biodiversity of floras and faunas within the Annapurna Conservation Area Project and in the flanking region is an extraordinary experience of the trek.
  • Breathtaking view of Himalayas sprawling like the golden bulk during the sunrise from Poonhill 3190m is one of the best sunrise views in the world.
  • Trek to Machhapucchhre Base Camp 3700m, world’s one of the most beautiful mountains, offers the paramount view of this unique Mountain Fishtail.

Annapurna Base Camp trek- an ideal trial for bird spotting

  • Opportunity to bathe in the natural hot springs at Jhinhudanda will let go all your trekking exhaustion.
  • Magnificent view of jellied snowcapped mountains and glaciers from the Annapurna Base Camp 4130m is the biggest reward of the trek.

Magnificent view from Poonhill


At the foothills of Annapurna

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Trek to Annapurna Base Camp.

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Two Danish trekkers Mr. Joergen Petersen and Mr. Arne Rasmussen through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel arrived to Nepal on April 8, 2013 to fulfill their adventure appetite during their trek to Annapurna Base Camp. The very next day they hit the road to Pokhara and instantly kicked off the long awaited Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

Annapurna and major Nepalese city Pokhara dominate the western Nepal. Their starting point to this major trekking route is a naturally blessed city, Pokhara. Annapurna Base Camp Trek is the most popular trekking trial of Nepal where every year above 50% of the total trekkers to Nepal trek in the region. The beautiful landscapes, the gorgeous mountain views, the dense vegetation of rhododendrons, bamboos and giant firs throughout the trial are luring beauties of the Annapurna Base Camp trek. Apart from these, the rock strewn steep trials, rushing rivers, deep waterfalls and the exceptionally unique cultural practices in the villages mostly dominated by Gurung inhabitants is  equally worthwhile to explore. As the trek of these Danish trekkers came closer to the Annapurna Base Camp the improving views of the wide range of Himalayas and the cool Himalayan breeze provided them the sensational joys. Every moment the Annapurna Base Camp trek rewarded them with the worthwhile watch. They enjoyed the cultural, geographical and the climatic aspects to the fullest. Annapurna Conservation Area Project in the area has the lead role in preserving the floras, faunas, wild lives, and fragile nature of the region. The conserved area includes both the Base Camps Machapucchre and Annapurna. The trek in the region is also particularly popular because the trial also takes the trekkers to the famous trekking peaks of Nepal including Tent Peak, Fluted Peak and Hiunchuli.

As the Danish trekkers concluded the 2 weeks long Annapurna Base Camp trek they had two free days at Kathmandu  and finally  the very happy trekkers departed back home on 26 April, 2013.



Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp

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Annapurna Base Camp.

Ms. Julie Harris and Mr. Lance Thompson rated with thumbs up gesture to our service during their trek to Annapurna Base Camp. A couple accompanied them on the trek.  Richard and Anne Deverell were overwhelmed with our guiding expertise. Deverell couple made few beautiful comments regarding the trek and their Chitwan tour with Explore Himalaya.

“As we checked out of the airport, we found out Pushpa was waiting there for us. She was very welcoming and made us feel very special in our first meeting”.


Himalaya Range through the dense forest.

“We had an excellent trek. We are full of praise for helpful trek leader Bharat and our two porters to our trekking to Annapurna Base Camp. The meals in the hotels during the trek was plenty with abundant choice. Every staffs we met during the trek were very helpful”.

“Drivers during the ride drove safely. However, we would suggest that all vehicles should have seat belts for all the passengers”.

on the way

Nature’s pride ..on the way.

“Trek itinerary to Annapurna Base Camp was well planned and had enough time for acclimatization and other activities like bird spotting. At suggestion of our guide Bharat and on agreement of everyone on trek, we did not spend a night at Annapurna Base Camp. Instead we had 2 hours trek in the morning (which was plenty) and then descended to Doban  for night. This meant we had full morning to visit hot springs below Jhinu Danda. Everyone in our group thought this was an improvement on the original itinerary”.

“We booked our vacation with Explore Himalaya via High Places Sheffield England. We made the perfect choice”.


White- gold.

Pics: EH.

Happy Explorers

Explore Himalaya have been very good in ensuring everything has worked out smoothly. Yalamber has been very helpful and friendly when in Kathmandu, and Bharat was an excellent guide during our trek.

- Kenneth & Fiona MacDougall, Scotland Read Testimonials | Submit Your Testimonial

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