National Women Commission goes to Trishuli beach for Team Building Workshop

National Women Commission goes to Trishuli beach for Team Building Workshop

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Team Building Workshops create mutual understanding and co-operation among the colleagues of a certain organization for ensuring efficiency and effectiveness on their work. It consists of wide range of activities designed to improve team performance as well as work efficiency. Activities like sports, tours, lunch discussion, job rotation, group monitoring etc encourage employees towards achieving organizational goal or target, which is the main motive of Team Building Workshops.

Tented Camps at Royal Beach Camp

A row of tented camps for team building participants

Team Building Workshop at Royal Beach Camp

Team Building Workshop on progress

PR Foundation Team Building Workshop for NWS

Mr. Raman boosts the energy of NWC employees

There are many reasons why organization promotes Team Building. Enhancing communication skills, boosting morals and motivation, helps the employee to improve productivity and learn about ones strength and weaknesses for better result as a team in the workplace. Hence, Team Building is key aspect for the succession of an organization.

Explore Himalaya organized “Team Building Workshop”  for thirty employees of National Women Commission at “Royal Beach Camp” from 12th to 14th September . A two days package program, which took place the beautiful private beaches on the bank of Trishuli River, 85 km west from Kathmandu, was an entirely new experience for the employees of National Women Commission.  Since it was, the first Team Building Workshop attended by the employees of National Women Commission, the chief facilitator Mr. Pragya Raman from PR Foundation opened the workshop interestingly in the golden beaches of Trishuli River. The Team Building Workshop included the tented camp accommodation for the participants and the facilitators.

NSW Team building work shop at RBC

A morning exercise, Good for health

Team building at RBC

Flying even higher…

Explore Himalaya organizes Team Building Workshop at RBC

Flying in Trishuli Beach

During the workshop, several Team Building activities were conducted. Every activity offered important morals of working as a team. Together we achieve more is the fundamental lesson provided during every Team Building Workshop. Mr. Pragya Raman’s Workshop also conducted scores of tricky activities, which at the end offered every participant a message of strength in a team. Similarly, the activities included sport, games, yoga, meditation and power point shows, which not only encourages, but also motivates the team and make them understand their role and their effort in the field as well as their workplace.  The participants also experienced the adventurous rapids of Trishuli River during the thrilling rafting at Trishuli.

Rafting in Trishuli

Ready to experience the rapids of Trishuli

Rafting in Trishuli

A Team experience of Thrilling white water adventure

Rafting in Trishuli

As a Team we can lift the earth???

As an outcome, participants were delighted to be a part of a successful curriculum. Having words with the participants, they were even more motivated and dedicated towards their work and their mother organization who gave them, this amazing experience in the sandy beaches of Trishul River. These types of Team Building Workshops are very helpful for the company and further more useful for the workers who are working together in any organization. As a result healthy working environment is created, which will help prosper both individual and company at the same time.

Team Building at RBC

A Team can overcome the biggest obstacles.

Explore Himalaya hosts team building workshops

Mr Krishna Aryal hands over the certificate to Mr. Pragya Raman

Team building workshop at RBC

A group photography after the completion of the Workshop

Photo Credits to Mr. Saroj Baniya

Explore Himalayan- Mr. Saroj Baniya

Explore Himalayan- Mr. Saroj Baniya

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