How we deal with Altitude Mountain Sickness?

How we deal with Altitude Mountain Sickness?

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Trekking in Kunchenjunga region

Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS) also known as Acute Mountain Sickness or High Altitude Sickness is one of the challenges for trekkers in Himalayas of Nepal. As you have to keep ascending continuously in some of the treks in Nepal, the probability of AMS cannot be completely ignored. In some cases, AMS can be extremely dangerous that it can take trekkers life if not responded properly and timely.

However, AMS can be prevented if you use precautionary measures. Drinking plenty of water (4-5liters per day) and eating plenty of food (4000-5000 calories per day) and walking smoothly can be basic precautions. Ask your guides for more instructions to avoid AMS.

Choosing your travel partner to Nepal for trekking is very essential for various reasons. One of the main reasons to choose us for trekking in Nepal is of course your safety. Safety & Security of travelers is our prime concern. Trekking with Explore Himalaya also means you are in safe hands in all aspects while you are in isolated highlands.

Our experienced guides who have been working in the Himalayas for several years are one of the reasons who will make sure that you won’t suffer with AMS. Their expertise in implying proper trekking techniques like Climb High Sleep Low for proper acclimatization, these veteran guides will lead you to your destination making it a memorable trip of your lifetime. They will guide you with your food habits in the Himalaya. They will care about your walking pace and they treat you in the friendliest manner so that you will listen to their guidance properly.

Fishtail Air in Nepal

In Himalayas things can go wrong despite absolute care and prevention measures implied; as few of us may not at all cope with the high altitude. If things go wrong our guides acquiring good knowledge of the altitude sickness will be able to recognize the symptoms at early stage so that situation doesn’t become worst. They are very well familiar with First Aid Treatment. They even can suggest you the medication for instant relief. They will take all the necessary actions to avoid further damage of the sickness. You will also be provided a Gamow Bag upon request with an additional charge, which is a major gear used to avoid AMS.

In case of the worst scenario, we being the closest partner of the leading organizations of Nepalese Helicopter Operator, Fishtail Air are capable of doing quick and challenging rescue and evacuation. With experienced pilots, Fishtail Helicopter will fly to the rescue point ASAP.

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