Everest Skydive 2011- Klaus Gachter Shares His Views

Everest Skydive 2011- Klaus Gachter Shares His Views

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Septuagenarian Klaus Gachter from San Francisco, USA is one of the oldest Everest Skydive participants. Klaus was part of Everest Skydive 2010 (last year's Interview) and he was back this year. According to him last year’s experience was just so fantastic that he decided to give it a go this year too. After his return from Shyangboche, Klaus took time out to meet us and share his views about his Everest Skydive experience:

“I did Everest Skydive last year and it was just fantastic and I wanted to do it again. This year’s experience , well in many ways it was the same but this year the weather was so much better.  Though it was foggy and cold after the test jumps, on Sunday (Jump day – 23rd October) the weather was just fantastic. It was clear, sunny and not too cold. I made a tandem jump with Ryan Jackson from 29000 feet and the view while freefalling was wonderful . You cannot imagine how beautiful the environment looks from above! The whole experience was very exciting, very interesting and beautiful and yes, just fantastic.

I have skydived at other drop zones, but these were regular skydives. Skydiving in the Himalayan region is special and as far as Everest Skydive is concerned, there’s just no comparison.

I am thinking of coming here again next year if my calendar allows. Hopefully, maybe by making the jump next year I will set the record of being the oldest person to skydive in high altitude!”


Klaus Gachter (Pic: Explore Himalaya)

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  1. Dear Klaus:
    This morning, I sent you a message on Facebook and would like to do the same here. I am certain that you are Klaus with whom I worked at Interamerican years and years ago. The last time we were in contact so long ago was when you were practicing acrobatic skiing. It is absolutely thrilling to rediscover you here and on Facebok and I am awed by your achievements in skydiving. The video of your Himalaya skydiving takes my breath away and it would not be surprising if words cannot really come close to describe the exhiliration of this particular skydiving experience. I will continue to follow you on your blogs and if you ever have a chance, I would love to hear from you at my e-mail yvonne@starexpresslax.com.
    I am still living in the same house in Alhambra and am still doing international freight forwarding consulting work.

    - Yvonne Hahni

Happy Explorers

Thank you so so much, for a fantastic Tibetan trip. My Everest dream came true, once again thanks to you guys. All was wonderful. I will tell my friends to contact you when they travel to China, Tibet, and/or Nepal.

- Aura Sholler, Venezuela Read Testimonials | Submit Your Testimonial

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