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About Each One, Teach One Each One Teach One is an independent charity program initiated by Explore Himalaya as a part of its Community Service Program (EHCSP) with an aim of providing school level education to impoverished, disadvantaged and conflict-affected children in a bid to give them a better chance to live a happy, secure and healthy life. The program is primarily focused on ensuring children’s rights to education. EOTO’s mission is to assist them in gaining access to education by exercising mutual respect, honesty and transparency. We believe that education is the only gateway to consciousness which helps in bringing out immediate and lasting change in one’s life. And we do what we believe on.

EHCSP solely relies on the generous contribution from various donors worldwide. With the funds collected from the donors, the project provides a monthly scholarship of NPR 1250 to children till their high school graduation. The fund received is utilized for the children’s school fees, stationeries, outfits and other necessary educational resources in the most accountable way possible.

Why this project? Though it has been almost a decade since we left the dark past of People’s war, the insidious affect is still at its rife in rural communities. Like every war, this has also left children, the most vulnerable member of the community, with deserted childhood and shattered dreams. Even after the peace-process, the situation is still embittered as Nepal is economically not a vibrant state. More than half of the population is below the poverty line. Official statistics show that more than 3000 children have been displaced, about 1500 orphaned and many traumatized alarmingly, affecting their social, physical, mental and emotional development. Many children are now involved in different sorts of odd works as child labor and being victim of atrocities and insecurity. The situation can be improved if we can, at least, ensure them a quality education so that they can realize and recognize their needs and requirements.

Who are the beneficiaries? Impoverished, disadvantaged and conflict-affected children will directly benefit from this scholarship program. It helps in empowering all those children who have been displaced, orphaned, forced into child labor and subjected to various atrocities during and after armed conflict. Education will be their powerful tool to combat their misfortunes and shape their future. Since children are the hope of the future, empowered children in the long run will undoubtedly empower the whole community and thus, the entire nation

Empowerment through Education

Education is the only means that can rehabilitate the conflict-affected children. Besides cognitive development, education is equally important for the psychological, social, and physical welfare of children. Education instills in children the crucial humanitarian values such as equality, tolerance and peace. With access to education, children can attain a sense of freedom, purpose and responsibility, self-confidence and vision for the future. To be advantaged in terms of income, health and opportunity, formal education is a must. Undeniably, education holds the key to children ‘s empowerment.

Scholarship program The idea was germinated in 2007 when the state was celebrating its ‘Educational Year’. Fourteen children from Nuwakot were nominated to receive scholarships under the Each one – Teach one project on the 23rd of February 2007 during the Golden Jubilee celebration of “Shree Bhairabi Higher Secondary School” in Nuwakot, Nepal. Since then, it is being our continuous effort. We provide the collected fund to the targeted group on annual basis at the beginning of the educational term of Nepal i.e. April. We are anticipating the program in grander magnitude if we can get more sponsors.

How can you help? Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance. You have the power to make a difference in the lives of these poor souls by supporting this project. Annually, sponsors will contribute to the scholarship program for these children. The cost to educate one child for an entire year is USD250 (or 160 GBP). 80% of the funds collected will go directly to the children for their educational needs. 20% of the amount goes for administrative work and local coordinator. Local guardians will be authorized to utilize this fund for children’s education. We have local monitors who will ensure that the funds are used for the children’s educational needs and follow the children’s progress in school. We will send you the children’s regular progress reports periodically to assure you that your contribution has indeed been used for the intended purpose. You can find the pictures and short bios of the children who have these scholarships. Join our team and offer a child a future!

Whom to contact? We have our local coordinators at various countries to gather funds from interested donors. You can directly contact our local coordinators stationed in your country. But if you do not find our coordinator in your country, then you can contact Explore Himalaya.

Our present Co-ordinators We have been receiving great help from our country coordinators. The Coordinators basically, raise sponsors from their respective countries and act as mediator and initiator.

Mr. Harihar Pandey Local Co-ordinator – Nuwakot. We have appointed members of the Nuwakot Taekwondo Dojo as our local coordinators. The local head coordinator is Mr.Harihar Pandey, Chief coach & 4th Dan Black Belt Taekwondo player.

Role of a Co-ordinator

    1) The main role of a co-ordinator is to search for prospective sponsors and help raise sponsorship. We also provide online registration form and agreement letter for the prospective sponsors.

2) The Co-ordinator helps in updating children’s reports to the sponsors.

3) The Co-ordinator collectively sends us the donation raised from the sponsors.

4) The Co-ordinator keeps us informed about the status of the sponsors.

Role of local Co-ordinator

1)The local co-ordinator helps identifying the needy children. 2)The local co-ordinator helps in mediating between the children and sponsors. 3)The local co-ordinator ensures and monitors the accuracy and transparency of the expenses incurred. 4)The .local co-ordinator reports the progress updates of the children to the sponsors.

Nominating and then declaring the nominated children for the project Our nomination procedure involves identifying the scope, narrowing down and targeting. Our approach is basically field based.  After we identify the scope, we do field visit and monitoring  to find out about the background and family-history of the child. For verification, we check the facts with the other villagers. When we are sure that we have a genuine case, we ask the guardian of the child to fill the application form and submit it with the supporting documents, duly attested by their school, concerned department and District Development Committee. We then make profiles of these children based on our research conclusion and publish in our website after final confirmation.

Each One Teach One Project – Keeping up with the Good Work

Report of Each One Teach One Batch in 2013

Success Story of Kishan

Time heals all wounds. It is truly said in Kishan’s case. Kishan Adhikari is a way ahead, leaving his past behind. Born to Gita Adhikari and late Naba Raj Adhikari in 12-08-1993, Kishan permanently resides in Suryamati VDC -2, Nuwakot district. Currently, he lives in Gongabu, Kathmandu. His father was a Maoist cadre and killed during the insurgency. Anyone can imagine the trauma the child might have undergone at that tender age. After the tragedy, he was compelled to withdraw from the private school. As a young learner, he was a bright child exhibiting prospective ingenuity. So, the VDC supported him by enrolling him in a public school. As the VDC committee ran out of fund, EOTO took the initiative to help him complete his high school level education. He is especially thankful to beautiful hearts like Catherine Keith Spiers, UK, who supported him in the first two years. Though EOTO aims to provide assistance to school level children only, noting down his outstanding performance, EOTO continues to support him in his pursuit of being Civil Engineer. Now, he is studying in Bachelor’s level in Himalaya College of The team of Explore Himalaya staff contributed generously for his first enrollment.He is expecting for more helping hands to fulfill his dream.Apart from studying, Kishan, a young enthusiast in his early twenties also loves watching cricket. His favorite players list Slane Watson (Australia) and Chrish Gyal (West Indies). He is also keen on listening songs. Though voluminous works have been written about war and its aftermaths, very negligible step has been carried out. It seems even truer in Nepal’s context.  EOTO believes in working out rather than ‘Wording Out’. All we care about is the difference we create. Kishan is the outcome of the same belief. EOTO is proud to be a part in his success and wish him a great future ahead. You can also visit to know more about his past.Your generous support is always welcomed!

Kishan Then

Kishan Now

Sponsored by Bart Liong Ie – Holland        

Damodar PoudelA bright child of 9, Damodar like any other boys of his age, enjoys studying and playing. Life’s misery would have left him stranded, had he not been supported by generous donors. He has been a part of EOTO program since the beginning. Now we can see him unfurling his ability to fight against odds of his life with smile.Sponsors’ Details:

  • Mr. Bart Liong Ie – Netherland (2008April-2015April)


Shova Ghale

Shova, an introvert girl, is in high school level. Her life seemed to change forever after she lost her father in the infamous war. But the change did not last for long as she got support from some kind hearts. Now, she enjoys studying and playing volleyball. Her only wish is to complete her study and become an independent citizen.

Sponsors’ Details:

  1. Mr. Bart Liong Ie – Netherland (2008April-2015April)


Srijana Magar

Srijana’s life was not the same after the war. Loss of father and the trauma of mother was enough to shatter her. However she was strong enough to cope with the situation. She is now studying in higher secondary level and also pursuing her career in Agriculture. It has been possible only because there were kind hands to help her in lifting the burden of her life. Things are different now, as her life.

Sponsors’ Details 1. Alice Lily Gifford, UK (2008April-2009April) 2. Bart Liong Ie, Netherland (2009April-2015April) profile

Binita Bogati

Binita is a hopeful girl with dreams of being a doctor. It can be possible only if her available resources can meet the requirements. Like other girls of her age, she likes playing and dancing. Because of the generosity from her helpers, she enjoys the privilege of going to school.  Now, life is somehow more organized but the stability can be ensured only if she gets continuous support.

Sponsors’ Details

  1. Han –Yo Sheila, Netherland (2008April-2009April)
  2.  Mr. Bart Liong Ie, Netherland (2009April-2015April)



Sponsored by Birgitte Hanne Gallaus


Laxmi Lamichhane

One the most brilliant children of her class, Laxmi seeks pleasure in studying hard. She finds every subject equally appealing. With an aim of being a doctor, she looks forward to her bright future. When there is a will, there is the way. It is truly said in Laxmi’s case as she is capable of shining brightly even among her miseries.

Sponsors’ Details:

  1. James & Goergina Young, UK (2009April-2010April)
  2. Explore Himalaya (2011April-2013April)
  3. Birgitte Hanne Gallaus ( 2013 April- 2014 April)


  Sponsored by Hanne Birkelund

Sudha Poudel

Sudha’s story is not less painful than any other war victimized children. However, out of the agonizing past also, she managed to flutter out to a prospective life. She is a thirteen year girl with high hopes about her future.  With support from her sponsor and family, she is, now more determined than ever to pursue her goals.

Sponsors’ Details:

  1. John & Ellen Knott, USA (2009April-2010April)
  2. Explore Himalaya (2011April-2013April)
  3. Hanne Birkelund ( 2013 April-2014 April)


Kopila Rijal

Kopila’s tragedy is not similar to other conflict affected children. However, she also has undergone the same misfortune of losing her father in her tender age. The girl, with an interest in reading newspaper and stories, is now preparing for her final board examination of school level. Life, for her, is better and much secured now.

Sponsors’ Detailss:

  1. Han-Yo & Shiela, Netherland (2008April-2010April)
  2. Explore Himalaya (2011 April-2013 April)


Umesh Ghale

Though life has not offered him much, Umesh is determined to excel it. His deserted childhood is now a distant memory because of the welcoming effort of his sponsors. This shy and cheerful boy in his early teens has a big dream of being a doctor. With so many benevolent hearts out there, we are also hopeful about making his dream come true.

Sponsors’ Details:

  1. Bill Purdy & Michele Costa, USA (2009April-2010April)
  2. Explore Himalaya (2011April-2013April)


Sagar Dhakal

Sagar is a bright boy keen in reading funny stories and playing games. After his family misfortune, life was not easy for him. The situation was more embittered as he was the less privileged child (from the first wife of his father) in the family. Nevertheless he didn’t give up hope. Now, he is excelling in his study and hoping for a bright future.

Sponsors’ Details:

  1. Alice Lily Gifford, UK (2009April-2010April)
  2. Francoise Berthelon, France (2011April-2012April)
  3. Explore Himalaya (2012 April-2013 April)


Archive Profile of 2010 & 2012

We extend our gratitude to all the respective country co-ordinators and to the sponsors for taking responsibility of the needy and deprived children of Nepal through our project “Each One Teach One”. We are very proud to continue Each One Teach One with the help of the valued co-ordinators as well as the sponsors.

How do we keep Co-ordinators updated? We send reports to the Co-ordinators after every release of the donation once in 3 months.

Payment Policy We accept both cash and cheques.

Contact: 745, Amrit Marg, Bhagwan Bahal, Thamel P.O Box 4902, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 977-1-4418100, 4418400
Fax: 977-1-4412888

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