Management Structure


Mr. Suman Pandey, President of Explore Himalaya, is the key person who plans, identifies and makes decision about the projects that are run under EHCSP.


Local coordinators have been assigned from Nuwakot district itself to ensure that EHCSP meets its target goal. For the project fund raising, we have our coordinators at UK and USA who have been contributing invaluably.

Board of Trustees

A Board of Trustees has been formed with the National and International members to ensure that the resources collected in the name of the project goes through proper channels to the target group with utmost transparency, commitment and sincerity. All the finances have to be endorsed by the Board of Trustees each year and issue a clearance to the coordinator for against his Performance and honesty. Members of the Board shall serve for 2 years at each term.

Happy Explorers

The meeting and handling was very good. The tour guide and the support staff used were very good. The meals provided during the tour and in the hotels were very good.

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Community Service

Community Service

We work with the motto "Tourism for Development". Explore Himalaya Community Service Project was conceived to empower underprivileged segments of Nepal.

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