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Projects Supported by Explore Himalaya Community Service

Renovation of Prayer Hall at Bhairabi Temple

We are proud to support the local people of Nuwakot in renovating two hundred years old prayer hall located in front of the Bhairabi temple at Nuwakot. EHCSP has donated Rs. 25,000 from its own. Publication of Golden Jubilee Magazine for Bharavi High School Since the High School celebrated 40th year anniversary of its establishment, Explore Himalaya is proud to have the opportunity to sponsor the publication of its 40 yrs anniversary journal in which Rs. 15000 has been contributed through Company’s sources.

The Science Laboratory Project This was the largest project we have successfully completed in association with our valued friends and well wishers those who have made contributions to establish a full fledged Science Laboratory at the premises of Bhairabi High School. At the time of launching of the Laboratory, a week long workshop of Science Teachers had been organized in which, 26 teachers from different secondary schools of Nuwakot district had participated. Workshop was conducted by three Experts/trainers provided by the Ministry of Education, HMG of Nepal. Certificates were distributed to all participants during the same function. This training of Science Teachers made a thorough acknowledgement of the established Laboratory and proved it as the best of all Government schools in Nepal. Since the project was completed at the cost of US $ 5000, a total US $ 2600 had been received as contributions from friends all over the world, whereas, US $ 2400 had been shared by Explore Himalaya. Explore Himalaya would like to extend it’s heartily thanks to the contributors whose support has been very inspiring to us. We could never have been able to complete this project without their support. We would like to request them to visit Nuwakot to see the project they have contributed for either personally or through friends, clients, during their next visit to Kathmandu.

The Science Laboratory Project initiated under Community Service Program inaugurated by the Assistant Minister for Education & Sports

Kathmandu, 28th April, 2003. We are proud to inform you that the long awaited project initiated by Explore Himalaya with support from our friends and well wishers, has been launched. The Science Laboratory Project that was started a year ago had been accomplished and handed over to the school, “Shree Bhairabi Secondary School” at Nuwakot. The Laboratory was inaugurated by the Assistant Minister for Education and Sports Mr. Rabindra Khanal amidst a function on 27th of April which was attended by high officials of the District, Education Experts, Students and Local People. Speaking at the function, Assistant Minister Khanal highlighted the essence of Tourism and appealed all concerned for the restoration of Peace and stability in the country to let tourism Industry flourish. Assistant Minister also thanked all contributors of the Project on behalf of His Majesty’s government of Nepal. Speaking at the function, renowned tourism professional and members of the Parliament, Mrs. Yankila Sherpa expressed happiness over initiatives from the Tourism sector to uplift country’s educational field. Other speakers including the Chief District Officer Mr. Ganesh Dhakal, District Education Officer Mr. Indramani Dhakal, Chairman of the School Management Committee Mr. Badriman Shrestha and the Headmaster Mr. Shyam Sunder Shrestha appreciated the efforts of Explore Himalaya and thanked all international donors for their support to the School.


It took us nearly a year and half to plan, initiate and completed this project at Bhairabi High School, Nuwakot. We are happy that this project is providing currently almost 600 students a good opportunity to study science through a full set of equipments and chemicals supplied under our “Science Lab Project” scheme. In the future too this will be a definite help for the students to keep their studies up in the subject, which is one of the tough subjects for them. This Project would not have been successful without assistance received from our friends and well wishers from all over the world. The Team of Explore Himalaya would like to extend it’s gratitude to following persons for their Valuable contributions as mentioned to support the Project. Their support has been precious in setting up the complete ‘Science Laboratory’ which now stands as a model for the whole district of Nuwakot.


Contributor’s Name Country Amount
Himalayan Explorer Connection USA US $ 1200
Margaret Percy, Palanquin Travel UK UKP 100
Bob & Mary Lancaster, High Places UK UKP 100
Louie Win Hong Kong US $ 100
Lars Gundursan Denmark US $ 100
Songh Poh Malaysia US $ 75
Steve Jones World of Wonders USA US $ 50
Michael Bromfield Casterbridge Tours UK UKP 50
Dave Owen UK US $ 50
Richard Broad UK US $ 50
KE Adventure Travel UK UK US $ 100
Jaysing Thakkar Indo Nepal Holidays, Bombay US $ 100
Doug Scott Community Action Treks UK US $ 100
Mohan Pradhan The Trekking Company, Australia US $ 50
Ann Brooks Classic Journey , UK US $ 100
Steve Bell Jagged Globe Expeditions, UK US $ 100
Angela Kalisch UK US $ 50

Thanks to Computer Lab Project Sponsors:

Explore Himalaya family would like to thank the team of Cromwell Press, UK for their remarkable interests in this community service project and sincere financial contributions required to make this project successful. Explore Himalaya, in all round aspects, is duly committed in making this project beneficial for the village people of Nuwakot. We hope the targeted people will be benefited a lot through this initiation. Thanks to Cromwell Press, UK. Explore Himalaya’s community service project on implementation. In the developing world of information technology, computer literacy has already become a fundamental requirement of everybody to develop one’s knowledge and to compete with the people from different parts of nation and worldwide. These days each and every organization, institutions, and individuals have started automating themselves by introducing computing devices. The basic knowledge of computing like word processing, spreadsheet calculations and email/internet has become essential for every individual. Viewing all these needs, EHCSP has stepped the installation of a networked computer lab at Bhairavi Secondary School, Nuwakot. There are 7 fully operational Personal Computers (Pentium IV) in the lab. The installation of Networked Computer Lab has the school students as its direct beneficiaries and at the same time it is also used for the benefits of the local people and other individuals by Vocational Classes; started before and after the school hours daily. Today, the students of grade 7, 8, 9 and 10 and the local people are taking benefit from the classes run under the computer vocational classes. For the over all supervision of those computer classes in the school and the vocational classes, a computer graduate was appointed for a minimum period of one year. His/her responsibilities includes:

  • Running computer theory and practical classes for the students of grade 7, 8, 9 and 10.
  • Making local people aware of computing knowledge by running vocational computing classes without hampering the school schedule.
  • Maintenance and Installation of the Computers and the Network.

Currently, 3 days computer classes per week in the daily school routine for grade 7 and for grade 8, every day evening classes (4 to 5pm) are running. Beside the daily school classes, there are some vocational computer classes also are running as the schedule below:

  • 7-9 am – class for teachers.
  • 9-10 am – extra class for grade 9 and 10.
  • 2-4 pm – class for local people (10 local people have joined) (charging: Nrs. One Thousand per person / per Office Package)

Projected cost and finances for computer lab

The Computer Lab Project was concluded with 7 fully operational computers in a room available in the school building through the total renovation with certain amendments, repairs and furnishing, and a Computer Graduate to operate; the outlay was US$ 6,000. The Cromwell Press, UK gracefully supported the entire finance for the installation of the computers in the location. It is expected that the benevolent support of the Cromwell Press would come up with the great advantage in the future for the people of Nuwakot.

Thanks to Project Sponsors

Explore Himalaya family would like to thank the team of Cromwell Press, UK for their remarkable interests in this community service project and sincere financial contributions required to make this project successful. Explore Himalaya, in all round aspects, is duly committed in making this project beneficial for the village people of Nuwakot. We hope the targeted people will be benefit a lot through this initiation.

Happy Explorers

We could not have asked for more. The lodges were of a good variety and standard. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime. We really enjoyed ourselves and had a wonderful time!

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