Tiger Tops introducing a new way of Elephant adventure

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Tiger Tops Elephant adventure

Tiger Tops in partnership with a renowned expert for elephant welfare Carol Buckley from Elephant Aid International will be introducing a new way of experiencing adventure with the giant animal Elephant in Nepal. With an attempt towards sustainable and responsible tourism, Tiger Tops will now be offering elephant adventure that highlights the natural behavior of an elephant through a natural observant perspective instead of elephant safaris.

Now the guests will be allowed to witness the natural lifestyle of a chain free elephant from dawn to dusk in their surroundings. From the morning excursion to the Narayani River till the last meal of the night, the guests will be able to witness the daily life of an elephant along with their daily activities.

Tiger Tops Elephant adventure

This will be an example for other on how to do an elephant friendly tourism by offering the experience to witness the most natural existence possible in captivity of elephants; says the owner and chairman of Tiger Tops, Kristjan Edwards as stated in the press release by the lodge.

Tiger Tops Elephant Camp lies nearby the Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge and is located in NawalParasi, Kawasoti municipality.

Tiger Tops Elephant adventure

Bardia National Park – Nepal’s largest playground of Bengal Tigers

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“Bardia National Park is wilder, denser and is a hair-raiser”

Bardia National Park is rarely frequented and unharmed protected park of Nepal. It is probably the best wildlife destination in Nepal. Bardia National Park was declared the protected National Park in 1988. It spreads in the area of 968 sq. km. Bardia National Park is wilder, denser and is a hair-raiser. The park resembles Chitwan National Park as it was three decades ago. It is the largest protected home of Royal Bengal Tigers in Nepal and one of the biggest in Asia.

Bardia National Park

However, the park suffered adversely during Maoist insurgency. Poaching of endangered species was very high then. Royal Bengal Tigers and one-horned rhinos became the prime targets of poachers. Hence their number fell heavily. The poaching almost extinct Rhinos from the park. And they were relocated here from Chitwan National Park. 

Bardia National Park 

Bardia National Park is home to 30 species of mammals. The park also houses more than 400 species of birds. It houses endangered  species like Bengal florican and sarus crane. In the river ecosystem of the park, aquatic life prospers. Gharial and marsh mugger crocodiles and Gangetic dolphins are frequent sights.

Bardia National Park

“The possibility of sighting Tigers in the park is more than 50% and rhinos are  certain sights”

As the insurgency was over, the wildlife in the park dramatically began to prosper. Now the Park caters the most intriguing wildlife activities of entire Nepal. The possibility of sighting Tigers in the park is more than 50% and rhinos are certain sights.

Bardia National Park

“Plus the villages in close proximity of the park are great cultural showcase”

Those who craves to enjoy the wilds in relatively undisturbed, wilder and less touristy destination, park is ideal . Plus villages in close proximity of the park are great cultural showcase. The homes to indigenous Tharus, the villages are authentic and culturally very rich.

Bardia National Park

Getting to the park is either by flight or road. One hour flight to Nepalgunj followed by an hour drive takes you to the park. Or, else you will have to drive a full day from Kathmandu to reach the park.

Bardia National Park

Best of Nepal

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Best of Nepal caters the best glimpses of Nepal’s culture, wildlife and natural magnificence. However, the best of Nepal tour does not include trekking activity in Nepal. Kathmandu valley a political and the commercial hub of Nepal is also the center of medieval culture, amazing landmarks and spirituality. Pokhara, a nature’s bride surrounded by lush hills wows on its natural wonders that include deep emerald lakes, deep seated caves & gorges and the fascinating mountain views. Chitwan in close proximity to urban life caters the extreme thrills of wildlife tours in Nepal that include Elephant Safari, Nature Walk and the canoe ride.


Recently Ms. Margaret Parker from United Kingdom had a visit to Nepal. Here is what she says about her trip:

Due to the bad weather in Nagarkot, I couldn’t see any sign of Mountains. However, my guide who went out of his way and took me to elevated viewpoint in Pokhara, where I saw the wonderful view of Mountains including Annapurnas turned out to be the best memory of my trip.

Explore Himalaya’s meeting and handling was excellent. The hotels were very good. Guide were both great at Pokhara & Kathmandu. All the staffs were good. The transportation was also excellent.

I can’t really single out anything but any traveler willing to visit Nepal do not need to hesitate to book their trip with Explore Himalaya.

Travel destination of Nepal after the quake

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Nepal hit the headlines of global media after the quake 25/04. Devastation prevails in few parts of central Nepal but the rest of the Himalayan country is absolutely safe as if the quake never struck in these places. Nepal is still the ideal destination for travelers seeking diversified alpine adventures and it still has many sites that manifest the glorified cultural legacy of sovereign country.

Few monuments in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu collapsed but many of them still stand tall. Trekking Regions like Langtang and Manaslu suffered the tremor of the quake but the regions like Annapurna, Dolpo, Kanchenjunga and Everest are still intact and are as beautiful as they were before 25/04.


The disaster has gone and the recovery has begun. As a responsible travel agent based in Nepal, we assure you that Nepal is a safe destination to travel. Trust us and continue to travel Nepal because the biggest priority we put while operating tours and treks in Nepal is your safety. Once again we urge every foreign traveler to travel to Nepal.

Best of Nepal- few testimonials

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Best of Nepal that comprises the three major cities of Nepal- Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan is Nepal’s one of the best selling cultural tours. Kathmandu boasts on cultural heritages, Pokhara wows on natural delights and Chitwan is a wildlife paradise. Recently few of our clients had the Best of Nepal Tour. After the tour, they shared their experiences in Nepal.


The best memory of the trip was flying over the Himalayas, the stay at Bandipur & Tibetan Refugee Camp.

The meeting and handling of Explore Himalaya was excellent, effective and on time. Both the guides in Pokhara and Kathmandu were good. The transport was excellent. The driver who took us to Pokhara was excellent.

I highly recommend Explore Himalaya as a service that takes the hassle out of you. It’s been already an exceptional experience in Nepal.

-Mr. Kenneth Thomas Sutton, Austrailia


Every different place has been memorable for different reasons. We’ve loved the “hustle & bustle” of Kathmandu to the peacefulness of Bandipur and Pokhara and the breathtaking mountain views.

Explore Himalaya’s meeting and handling was great. They met us with smiles on their faces. It was a perfect way to start our trip. All the hotels were clean and fantastic. Our guides Nabu &Prakesh were amazing. They were funny, polite and never boring. Every member of staffs from the driver to manager has been great.  The transport was clean and safe.

100% YES! I will recommend Explore Himalaya to other travelers who are willing to visit Nepal. The whole experience has been mind blowing fun, informative. We loved every minute our stay in Nepal.

It has been an amazing and wonderful experience with great staff. A real credit to Explore Himalaya.

-Ms. Denise Appleton & Ms. Lauren Lidford from United Kingdom

Happy Explorers

The meeting and handling was good. Our trek guide was very good, helpful and knowledgeable. We had a very nice trek. People around were very helpful and realistic about the trip. Happy indeed!

- Anders Kiil, Denmark Read Testimonials | Submit Your Testimonial

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