Trekking in Nepal during monsoon

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Monsoon is considered as the off-season for trekking in Nepal. However, with a huge portion of Great Himalayan Trail, Nepal offers a wide range of option for trekking. Some of the rain-shadowed regions here provide the possibilities of trekking in Nepal during monsoon. The isolation of theses restricted areas is the best part of these trekking. One more reason to trek to these places is with no phones or lights, one can get disconnected to the world and purely enjoy the nature.

Upper Mustang

Except in the winter, the region can be trekked anytime of the year. The rain-shadowed valley also known as the forbidden kingdom has preserved the Tibetan Buddhism spread by Guru Rinpoche over the centuries. The region also holds several important cultural landmarks with the arid landscape like the desert making this trek more attractive. The hospitality of people of this region makes your stay even better.

Mustang can be trekked during monsoon Mustang can be trekked during monsoon Mustang can be trekked during monsoon Mustang can be trekked during monsoon Mustang can be trekked during monsoon

Upper Dolpo

The most isolated region of the country is popular as a must do trekking in Nepal. The rain-shadowed region is one of the strenuous trekking. However, the rewards of the trek can overcome the effort you give. The Bon Po (people of Dolpo) following the Bon religion influenced from Tibet and their culture is the highlight of this trek. Next, is the remoteness of the area. Apart from this; landscapes, views of the snowcapped mountains, monasteries including Shey Gompa are the reason why this is a must do trekking.

Dolpo trekking can be done during monsoon Dolpo trekking can be done during monsoon Dolpo trekking can be done during monsoon Dolpo trekking can be done during monsoon Dolpo trekking can be done during monsoon

Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries around Kathmandu

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view of kathmandu valley on the to Naiki Gompa

view of kathmandu valley on the to Naiki Gompa

If you are in Kathmandu and you have a spare day, it’s a good way of spending time visiting a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery around Kathmandu, especially if you are interested in Buddhist culture. These monasteries are also known as “Gompa”. Here we suggest you some beautiful monasteries lying on an exotic location around Kathmandu that are incorporated with incredible Tibetan art and architecture.  If you have time, you can explore more about the lifestyle of monks and Buddhism by choosing to stay at a Tibetan monastery with the fact that they provide accommodation facilities as well.  Each of the listed monasteries also has their own schools where they provide academic or philosophic or both educations to the students.

Rigon Tashi Monastery

Rigon Tashi Monastery

Rigon Tashi Gompa:

The monastery lies to the south of Kathmandu on Pharping. It is also known as “Ripa Siddhi Sangathan”. The monastery lies just around 20KMS from Kathmandu and can be accessed by a vehicle which is approximately a 1-hour drive. Nearby lays one of the biggest statues of Buddha of Asia that is on the process of renovation.

the statue of buddha in pharping is said to be one of the biggest statues of the world

the statue of buddha in pharping

Kopan Monastery:

The monastery lies to the northeast of Kathmandu. It can be reached by a 30 minutes drive. The monastery provides a good view of Kathmandu. It also offers various courses about Buddhism and meditation.

kopan monastery

kopan monastery

Naiki Gompa:

Situated on a hilltop of Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park, the monastery can be accessed both by transportation or walking. It can be reached by private vehicle, riding on bike or cycling is a good choice; hiking can be the better option as the trail through the national park is easy and peaceful. However, you need to obtain a permit as you have to pass through the national park. On the way to the monastery, you can see the panoramic view of Kathmandu valley which is probably the best viewpoint of the view of the valley.

naiki gompa

naiki gompa


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Pokhara – the cheapest city in the world to travel

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American Business Magazine ‘Forbes’ has listed Pokhara as the cheapest city in the world to travel. On a list entitled “The 20 Best Value Cities for Budget Travelers”, Pokhara was placed in the first spot of the list. According to the report, tourists can spend their day on as little as USD15.84 on the beautiful city of Pokhara.

Pokhara the cheapest city- tourists enjoying at the lakeside

Tourists enjoying at the Lakeside of Pokhara

Popular as an adventure hub of Nepal, Pokhara caters a wide range of attractions for travelers. Holding some magnificent lakes with the backdrop of Mount Fishtail, Pokhara is also the gateway to the trekking in Annapurna Region.


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Ropai Festival in Nepal

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Locals enjoying getting muddy during  Ropai

Locals enjoying getting muddy during  Ropai

Monsoon is approaching nearer in Nepal. This season is one of the important times for most people in Nepal as they are dependent on agriculture.  And if you want to experience something different, on June 29 2016, Nepal is celebrating Ropai Festival.

Every year on Ashar 15, people in Nepal celebrate it as Ropai Festival – rice planting day marks the plantation of new seedlings for the year. The time falls under the mid-monsoon and it is the peak time when farmers are busy in their fields for the plantation of rice. Most of the farmers conclude the rice plantation on their field on this day. They also celebrate this day by eating Dahi Chiura( Curd and Flattened Rice).

Women cutting the seedlings during Ropai

Women cutting the seedlings during Ropai

So, as the Monsoon is coming closer, this is the best activity for you to do in Nepal in coming months. We invite you to join the locals on their field and get dirty and muddy to experience the traditional rice planting as an experiential trip for yourself.

The major places to enjoy the Ropai Festival around Kathmandu Valley are Sankhu (Kathmandu), Panauti (Kavre), Thansing & Dhikure (Nuwakot).

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Nuwakot- Nepal’s best kept secret

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Nuwakot - Nepal's best kept secret

Nuwakot, an amazing district flanking the capital valley Kathmandu is Nepal’s one of the best kept secrets. Easy access with very few tourist class hotels & restaurants, Nuwakot is an emerging destination for travelers.

View of Nuwakot and Nuwakot Durbar

Why Nuwakot is Nepal’s one of the best kept secrets & what exactly does Nuwakot offer for travelers?

First of all, Nuwakot has huge historic significance. It was from Nuwakot King Prithivi Narayan Shah conquered Kathmandu Valley. While doing so, Nuwakot palace square was established on a hilltop, which now has become the center of attraction for tourists visiting to Nuwakot. Though the massive quake of 2015 badly hit the palace square locals have initiated campaigns to restore the historic and cultural significance of this landmark.

Ox fighting in Taruka of Nuwakot

Nuwakot is also the hub that enthusiastically practices medieval time cultures. Sindure Jatra, the unique festival celebrated at Nuwakot Durbar Square is probably one of the most fascinating celebrations across Nepal. Bull Fighting in villages like Taruka & Betrawati is entertaining festival that takes place only in Nuwakot District. The district also hosts annual Rice Plantation Celebration in different villages to entertain as much as travelers from neighboring districts like Kathmandu. Nuwakot is also a replica of Kathmandu that celebrates almost all jatras of Kathmandu Valley with equal degree of energy. Gai jatra & Indra Jatra are perfect examples. Like of Kathmandu, Nuwakot also practices the culture of worshipping its own Living Goddess, Kumari.

People of Nuwakot

Talking about tribal cultures, Nuwakot is a mini-Nepal with Nepal. The cultures of many tribes and clans can be observed in Nuwakot district. Tamangs, Newars, Magars, Chettris & Brahmins and Dalits among others live in this district showcasing their own unique culture & lifestyles.

People of Nuwakot

Since the district lies in a very close proximity to Langtang Himalayan Range, it is also the vantage point that caters incredible Himalayan vistas blended well with lush vegetation & raging Himalayan Rivers. Last but not the least, Nuwakot as a district also has huge potential in catering adventurous activities like mountain biking & motorcycle tours. Rugged terrains in the remote parts of the district are ideal for such activities.

nuwakot (4)

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