International Elephant Race – December 2007 in Chitwan National Park

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Asia World Enterprises, Bangkok, emerged victorious at the recently concluded 4th International Elephant Race in Sauraha, Chitwan. The company, which is EH’s Thailand partner, was represented by the strong and swift pachyderm, Junga Bahadur.

The International Elephant Race & Festival in Sauraha, which was started at the initiative of Regional Hotel Association Nepal, has proved to be quite a crowd puller. The prime objective of this event is to promote Elephant Based Safari and cultural tourism in Chitwan, as well as to draw the attention of the people towards the decreasing number of elephants in the Chitwan area. The inhabitants of Sauraha, who are mostly dependent on tourism, has benefited largely from this event. During the festival one witnessed the elephant march past, the bathing and decoration of the elephants and of course, the chief highlight of the festival, the elephant race. The other programs included the bullock cart race, canoe race, horse cart race, elephant soccer and Tharu cultural program. A photo exhibition and documentary shows covering the life cycle of elephants was also shown.

This year too, the festival saw a high turnout of local as well as foreign crowd. The highlight of the festival was the elephant race. Altogether 24 elephants participated in the elephant race. 8 elephants represented foreign visitors, while 16 elephants represented Nepalese companies or individuals.

Junga Bahadur, who represented Asia World enterprises (EH’s Thailand partner), emerged as the winner in the preliminary round, as well as in the final competition. He completed the final race in 1.37.33 minutes, covering a distance of 600 meters (two way distance of 300 meters each). He had to face tough competition from Pawan Kali, who came a close second. According to Naseer Ali, Junga Bahadur’s mahout, this was the first time that Jung Bahadur was competing at the International Elephant Race.


Nurturing Young Minds – A Follow Up On the Each One, Teach One Project

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A saying goes that, when you feed a hungry child you appease his hunger only for that moment, but when you help a child to learn, you empower him for life. Children are our tomorrow, our future leaders. By educating them, we insure our own future. Explore Himalaya, whose motto is Development Through Tourism, believes that literacy is one tool that is imperative to a nation’s growth.

Explore Himalaya’s community project Each One, Teach One that commenced on 23rd February 2007, has been successful in sponsoring the education of 16 needy children. These children, whose future seemed bleak and uncertain just a year ago, can now look forward to a bright new beginning. Among the16 kids, is Kishan Adhikari, the son of Nab Raj Adhikari, a Maoist activist who was killed during the insurgency. His family thought of discontinuing his studies, as they could hardly make ends meet .Thanks to Each One, Teach One project, and to his kind sponsors, Kishan can still nurture his ambition of becoming a doctor. Kishan is a bright and intelligent lad. He wants to become a doctor and save lives. A topper in his class (Grade 9), he loves sports, especially football. Rajkumar Lama is the son of an Olympian, Man Bahadur Lama, who was brutally shot to death by a Maoist cadre. Man Bahadur Lama was a famous 4th Dan tae-kwon-do player and instructor and had participated in the 1988 Olympic Games. Rajkumar Lama is presently studying in Grade 9. A talented sportsman like his father, he won a gold medal at a regional level competition. He has a Black Belt in tae-kwon-do. He practices for two hours everyday and takes his studies seriously. He feels that without education he will reach nowhere in life and is thus thankful to his sponsors for giving him a chance to continue with his studies.The tiny brother and sister duo of Laxmi Lamichhane and Choka Raj Lamichhanne would not have seen the precincts of their school had it not been for the EOTO project. They lost their father, Khet Prasad Lamichhane, the sole bread earner of their family, when he got caught in a crossfire between the Army and Maoists, an innocent victim of a senseless war. Laxmi is now in UKG and Chok Raj is in Nursery.

To read more about the other children, please go to our Community Service Project site.

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Community Service

Community Service

We work with the motto "Tourism for Development". Explore Himalaya Community Service Project was conceived to empower underprivileged segments of Nepal.

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