Pokhara Skydive 2017: Flying in the Himalaya!

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The morning of 09th November was different at Pame Lauruk, a small settlement 11 km northward from Pokhara lakeside. Excited skydivers were milling up in the dropzone, a wide grassland nearby the village. Crew were busy around preparing and briefing, jumpers were being all geared up and waiting with dreamy anticipation. Many of them were having their first ever jump – so things were being so intense for them. A whole lot of spectators were waiting for the moment to capture in their mobiles and cameras. The sky was exceptionally clear, the mountain was smiling its brightest smile and the hills around as lush as ever. It was quite a sight! At round 9 am, the jump started and added a real thrill to the already excited crowd. Well, to be honest, to jump off the chopper at the height of 11,000-13000 ft with the majestic views of Annapurna range at your backdrop and the sprawling valley of Pokhara along with serene Phewa lake below, is not just an adventure but a sublimity in itself! The first day, 27 lucky jumpers achieved that momentum!

This year’s Pokhara Skydive continued for three days till 11th November and a total of 65 jumpers from India, Nepal, Denmark, Australia and Netherlands achieved their dream of flying in the Himalaya. Among the happy jumpers, some were even able to make it to the record list of Pokhara Skydive.  Aniket Jain (India), aged 16 and Rajinder Singh (India), aged 65, became the youngest and the oldest skydivers respectively to have done Pokhara Skydive. They have proved that age doesn’t really count when it comes to adventure! Jad Kamel became the first Lebanese to skydive in Pokhara. The whole three days passed with amazing chopper take offs, crazy freefalls, spectacular landings, overwhelming moments and a series of never ending excitement. The event concluded with great memories and hopes of welcoming more skydiving enthusiasts next year. Congratulations to all the dare devils who ticked the dream of “flying in the Himalaya” out of their bucket list! 

[Pokhara Skydive https://www.nepalskydive.com/, is an annual skydiving adventure, organized by the pro team of Everest Skydive and Explore Himalaya, the only skydiving company in Nepal. Pokhara Skydive has officially started its commercial operation since 2014, after its first test operation in 2010. It has welcomed hundreds of skydivers round the world ever since. As the event is the blend of adventure and the exceptional beauty of Pokhara, every year Pokhara Skydive community is getting bigger and bigger!]

Take a look at the photo story of Pokhara Skydive:

Pokhara Skydive Squad 2017

Puja Ceremony before the jump starts! Pokhara Skydive

Puja ceremony before the jump starts! It’s not just a ritual, but a solemn request to Nature!

Gearing up before the jump!

Gearing up before the jump: Excitement starts right from here!

With crew before the jump! Pokhara Skydive

No rush: A photo moment with Tandem Master before the jump!

Smiles before the jump!

All about smiles and thumps-up!

Tandem Master and Skydiver on the way to flying...

When your heart pounds louder and louder at each step: Tandem Master and Skydiver on the way …

Before jump moments are not less exciting! Pokhara Skydive

Pre jump moments are not less exciting!

Pokhara Skydive with Nepali flag

When skydiving is an emotion, and not just an adventure: A Nepali diver with national flag!

Before the take off: Moments are being too intense now! Pokhara Skydive

Before the take off: Moments are being too intense now!

Whoosh...there you go, off the chopper, in the Himalaya! Pokhara Skydive

Whoosh…there you go, off the chopper, in the Himalaya!

A Tandem Skydiver Pokhara Skydive

This is what flying in the Himalaya truly means!

The first thing that I see is a bird ...no a human! Skydiving is all about being birds!!

I was really high, almost near to the mountains and the first thing that I saw was a bird …no a HUMAN! Skydiving is all about being birds!!

Flying doesn't need wings, all you need is the mind of a bird! Pokhara Skydive

Flying doesn’t need wings, all you need is the heart of a bird!

Back to where we belong!! Pokhara Skydive

Back to where you belong!!

What to ask when you see that smile as free as the wind! Pokhara Skydive

That smile as free as the wind! No words!

Happy Mother after seeing her daughter fly!! Pokhara Skydive

Happiness multiplies if it’s shared: Delighted Mother after seeing her daughter fly!!

"I can't Keep calm, I went skydiving over the Himalayas!" Pokhara SKydive

“I can’t Keep calm, I went skydiving over the Himalayas!”

Explore Himalaya President Suman Pandey honored with “Tourism Lifetime Achievement Award” by Gantabya Nepal News

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Suman  Pandey receiving "Life time achievement award"

(Picture Credit: Gantabya Nepal News)

Gantabya Nepal News organized an Award Ceremony on the occasion of its 4th Anniversary at Manang Hotel, Thamel, Kathmandu on Oct 17, 2017. The program, which was held in the presence of dignitaries including Nanda Kishor Pun, the Vice-President of Nepal and Jagdish Narshing K. C., the former Member of Parliament; honored Tourism Entrepreneur Suman Pandey with “Tourism Lifetime Achievement Award” for his thirty years long contribution to Nepali Tourism Industry.

During the program, Vice President Pun handed over the award to Mr. Pandey and congratulated him for his landmark success in Nepali Tourism. He asserted the need of dynamic personality like Mr. Pandey in the tourism field of Nepal, and emphasized on the importance of tourism industry and the need to utilize the benefits of nature and culture for the country’s development. In his acceptance speech, Mr. Pandey thanked the organizer and shared his experience of three decades in tourism sector. At the end, he also expressed his wish to handover the legacy of his experiences to the young tourism entrepreneurs of Nepal. 

Suman  Pandey receiving "Life time achievement award"

(Picture Credit: Gantabya Nepal News)

Jagdish Narshing K.C., the former MP; Nawaraj Dahal, National Coordinator of Nepal Tourism Entrepreneurs’ Association; and Shiva Adhikari, Nepal-based President of Destination Nepal were among the other speakers. Tourism entrepreneurs Lok Prasad Dahal, Anil Lama, Chiranjivi Bhatt, Rajendra Adhikari, Gita Gurung, Anneli Sophia Rieker; and social workers Ramhari Adhikari, Rajan Thapa and Motriram Dhakal were also honored on the same occasion.

Suman  Pandey receiving "Life time achievement award"

(Picture Credit: Gantabya Nepal News)

[Suman Pandey as an active tourism entrepreneur has undertaken various leadership roles including President-Trekking Agent’s Association of Nepal, Chairman-PATA Nepal Chapter, Executive Member-Nepal Tourism Board, Executive Member-Nepal Tourism Year 2011, General Secretary-Airline Operator’s Association of Nepal and Founding President of Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure, CEO of Fish Tail Air and Director of Chhaya Center. He is also a receiver of numerous accolades including prestigious Suprasiddha Gorkha Dakshin Bahu (2004) and Lifetime Achievement Award conferred by American Biographical Institute (ABI) based in the United States in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2008.]




Indra Jatra articles by Swati Jain

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This year’s Himalayan Travel Mart http://htmnepal.com/overview/ was a huge success in many ways. Apart from promoting Nepal as an elite adventure destination in global context, it also brought together a group of professional International Travel Bloggers, International Media and Travel Photographers who did not just share their expertise on Blogging and Media but also spread some words to the world about their travelling experience in Nepal. Swati Jain, a loved Travel blogger cum freelance Travel writer  from India is one of them. She has recently published two articles titled Celebrating Indra Jatra and Kumari Jatra of Nepal and Understanding the Evolution of Indra Jatra in Depth in her widely read travel blog Bouyant Feet https://buoyantfeet.com/

  1. Celebrating Indra Jatra & Kumari Jatra of Nepal:
Indra Jatra Festival

(Picture credit: Bouyant Feet https://buoyantfeet.com/

In her first article “Celebrating Indra Jatra and Kumari Jatra of Nepal”, Swati Jain has taken us through her 4 day-experience of action packed Indra Jatra festival held at Kathmandu Durbar Square and its vicinity. As much as she is surprised by the festival itself and some perks of her unpreparedness, readers will also be equally amazed by the way she presented the energy and liveliness of the festival. Needless to say, the colorful images have added life to her sensuous details. In the meantime, she hasn’t missed the opportunity to give us some meaningful details about the festival, which is undoubtedly an added advantage as many readers still have some blurred ideas about the festival. Swati is actually bold enough to accept her prior ignorance!

“So if you are one those like me, who think that this prestigious festival is limited to the living goddess of Nepal and expects to read the same in this blog, hang on till I share its long history and significance. My myths were shattered.”

Finally, she has some wise tips that are sure to help you if you are the next one to enjoy this vibrant festival. For full story, https://buoyantfeet.com/2017/10/06/celebrating-indra-jatra-kumari-jatra-of-nepal/

2. Understanding the Evolution of Indra Jatra in Depth:

The Elephant looking for his master Lord Indra

(Picture credit: Nepal Tourism Board) 

As promised in her earlier blog, Swati Jain has given a full detail on both Indra Jatra and Kumari Jatra in this article. The festival is not enlisted as an off beat cultural interest in travelers’ bucket list and neither is the festival a virgin area for the writers. However, Swati stands out in this particular writing! She has traced the festival right from the myth making day and has brought down the cumulative history to the present day by associating the evolution with the major historical epochs of Nepal. Quite a feat! So, if you are a myth hunter, or want to have an in depth insight into the festival, or just interested in some unexplained facts about the festival, the article is a right answer for you. For full story,


If you want to enjoy the festival more intimately, you can also visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFNg-kwtS-g&t=3s 


The second Globeriders Himalaya Expedition’18

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The second Globeriders Himalaya Expedition’18 is already underway and the participants have today crossed the Nepalese border to enter India and further ride to Bhutan. After the successful recce ride in 2015 with many learnings about the route, this year’s expedition started in Chengdu and will end in Bangkok (the opposite route done in 2015).

Explore Himalaya is managing all the logistics for this expedition which consists of 4 riders and 1 pilon rider including the leader- world famous Helge Pedersen. Pedersen is a well-known name in the Motorcycle world and also the owner of Globeriders.

The group will ride for 62 days in total starting from China thorugh Nepal, India, Bhutan, Mynamar and ending the journey in Thailand spanning a total of approx 8300 Kms.

For daily updates of the Expedition – http://www.globeriders.com/live!journal_pages/ghe17_live!journal/ghe17_main.shtml

For information about Himalayan Expedition 2018: helge@globeriders.com


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Tibet has been a fascinating destination for international travelers for a long time. To enter the roof of the world, Nepal has been a popular gateway where tourists drove through the 1000km long Friendship Highway that joins the capital city Lhasa of Tibet to the Himalayan nation.

Hundred of international travelers did the overland tour to visit the mystical land through Nepal via the Kodari/Zangmu border. But the border was highly affected by the 2015 earthquake forcing closure of the border that killed the hopes of many international tourists who wanted to visit the Tibet- The Last Shangri-la.

However, some good news came last week from the Chinese government mentioning that the Kerung Border, which was already open for Nepalese and Chinese has now been opened for foreign tourists as well. As this news was as important one for the cross border tourism, our team drove up to the border to gather some concrete information and plan the operation of the Tibet overland tours via the newly opened Kerung border.

Road Condition: It is about 9-10 hrs long adventurous ride going through narrow tracks and turnings in the Hill side all the way to Rasuwa starting from Kalikasthan to Syabrubesi and further to the borderland called Rasuwa Gadhi in Nepal side and Kerung in China. From Syabrubesi to border is mostly rough road. Main hurdle could be the landslide area between Ramche to Dhunche, about 7-8 km is slightly disturbed in small sections and are muddy and bumpy. This could be a problem mostly during the Monsoon season. Also being the only Highway in use for transferring Export/ Import goods from China, you can see many huge trucks passing through all the way.

There may be another shorter route to Kerung border from river side of Betrawati to Syabrubesi, avoiding the drive up to Kalikasthan, Dhunche, which is under construction at the moment. If this route is open, overland tour from Tibet to Nepal would be more convenient and shorter for the tourists.


Duration & Distances:  It is about 170 km distance from Kathmandu and takes about 9-10 hrs drive from Kathmandu to Rasuwa Gadhi (Kerung Border). From Syabrubesi it is about 30-45 minutes drive.
For the Tourists traveling to Tibet by overland from Nepal, it is wise to have a overnight stop at Syabrubesi and continue next day to the border which is about 30-45 minutes drive to the check post at Timure. After crossing through the both side’s immigration and Border, it is 26 km further drive from Kerung border to Kerung City in China.

Border Structure: Nepal immigration office and the Custom Check posts are at Timure. For the tourists entering from Tibet, after passing through the China customs and crossing the Bridge joining China and Nepal, will have to walk about 5-10 minutes to the Immigration office for Visa and Entry process. There may be few checking and searching by Duty officers for Security reasons starting from Border Check posts until Kalikasthan check posts.
Nepal entry check post, Immigration office and Customs are all in different places within the area, as such it could be quite confusing to the Tourists. Private vehicles can go near to the Bridge side for now, however depending on the traffic as the huge Cargo trucks occupy most of the area and could block the way to drive in. It is mostly crowded during the rush hour (office working hours).

Customs working time: The border gate opens at 8 am to 3 pm (Nepal time) for both sides and China part only will be closed during their lunch hours i.e. 10 am-11.30am (Nepal time). Tourists or the locals are to enter or exit the Border gate within the mentioned time frame. There is not One Day pass system for Nepalese Nationalities like it was provided in Kodari border. But the local people form that area only are allowed to pass through during the opening hour.


Comparing Chinese border securities and structures in Kerung side seems to be well planned and settled, while Nepal officials are still struggling to have a permanent office settled so as the road structures, parking arrangements all seems to be not well prepared for welcoming the flow of Foreign tourists already. The check posts, immigration and customs are all in separate building or small posts. After the damage by Earthquake to the historical remaining of the fort and the road structures, the situation seems to be even worse. Hopefully this situation will be better eventually, when the flow of tourists’ arrival increases through this route.

In conclusion, it is an adventurous ride overall passing through as low to the ground level of Trishuli river to the Hill top, could be interesting and thrilling experience to the adventurers, while for some it might be tiring and frightening if not mentally prepared well in advance.

Happy Explorers

|I just want to say on behalf of the four of us, what a great trip to Nepal we had all of the arrangements went really smoothly, all the organisation was spot on it was great to see Kathmandu

- Chris Croft, UK Read Testimonials | Submit Your Testimonial

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