Our participation in European trade shows in 2008

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Mr. Suman Pandey attends four international tourism fairs -the daily telegraph, uk, Fitur 2008 Madrid, ITB berlin

Explore Himalaya has been duly represented at the international tourism fairs by Mr. Suman Pandey, President of Explore Himalaya. He participated in the Daily Telegraph Adventure Show, UK (25th – 27th Jan’ 08) .In the same month he participated in Fitur 2008 Madrid (30 January – 3 February 2008).

March took him to be the biggest global trade fair, the ITB Berlin (5 – 9 March 2008) and at ITM Moscow (15 March 200818 March 2008).


Mr. Bimal Chettri, THE Executive Manager attends the Borsa International Destination Expo in milan

Mr. Bimal Chettri, Executive manager, of Explore Himalaya attended the BIT (Borsa Internationale del Turismo) Expo held from 21st to the 24th February 2008 in the city of Milan, in Italy.

Explore Himalaya Ties Up with Asia World Enterprise, Thailand

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Explore Himalaya Ties Up with Asia World Enterprise, Thailand
Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure signed an agreement  with Asia World Enterprise, on 8th Feb 2008 in Bangkok, making Explore Himalaya the partner of Asia World Enterprise in Nepal.
Asia World Enterprise is one of Thailand’s leading destination management companies. The company has been operating since the last ten years, focusing on quality travel programs around Thailand. Asia World is one of the few tour operators in Thailand to provide insurance cover for its clients via ‘New Hampshire Insurance’.
Asia World has marketing representation offices in United Kingdom, U.S.A, Germany and Australia. The company shall now be promoting the tourism products of Explore Himalaya  through their vast marketing network.
During the Elephant Festival & Race held in Chitwan, Nepal in December 2007, the elephant race was won by the elephant jointly sponsored by Asia World and Explore Himalaya.

Danish Climbers to Scale Everest This Spring

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Two Danish nationals Soren Smidt and Henrik Kristiansen will be among the lucky climbers who will get a chance to summit Everest this Spring. Explore Himalaya is organizing their expedition. The two member team will be supported by a strong and able team of Sherpas led by Sherap Jangbu Sherpa, who is the Sirdar for this expedition. Sherap Jangbu Sherpa is a very experienced and has under his belt summits to 11 of the 13 eight thousanders. He holds the world record for summitting the difficult K2 in Pakistan twice, in one season. He has already summitted Everest from the North side.

As China has closed the peak from the North Side till May 10, Everest’s mighty height will be scaled only from the south side. Amidst speculations on whether the Nepalese Govt. would close the Everest expedition at the insistence of the Chinese Govt, the former’s ‘no-ban-on-Everest-climbing’ statement has brought on a huge sigh of relief for those groups intending to climb the Everest this spring. After months of planning and training to take on the ultimate challenge, it is cheers to them who are all set to scale Everest!

Mount Everest from Gorak Shep
Photo copyright: Julien Van Loye

Explore Himalaya Organizes Everest Expedition for Tim Rippel’s (Peak freaks Expeditions) Group

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Explore Himalaya is organizing the Everest expedition for a 8 member team comprising of Canadian, American, British ,Omani And Saudi Arabian team members this Spring. The team is being led by Tim Rippel of Peak Freaks Expeditions, a Canadian adventure company.

Tim is a veteran of 27 Himalayan expeditions including Mt. Everest North and South six times and numerous expeditions on Mt. Pumori, Mt. Ama Dablam, Kilimanjaro, South America, Russia, Canadian Rockies, West Coast and Interior, USA and more.

Some of Tim’s Everest experiences have been aired on the international TV networks. He provided footage to National Geographic, the Discovery Channel “Climb for Hope” in 1991, and again currently for “Storm Warning”. In 2000 he was behind the camera for the CBC News world live broadcast “Mt. Everest” from the south side in Nepal.
Among the climbing members are Farouq Alzouman from Saudi Arabia and Sultan Al_Ismaili from Oman who are on a mission is to be the first climber from their respective countries to stand on top of Everest.

The expedition team is being supported by a group of competent climbing Sherpas. The climbing sirdar is the very experienced Dendi Sherpa (to view his Bio – data click here)
For the day-to-day updates on the expedition’s progress you can checkout peak freak’s website www.peakfreaks.com.

Tim Rippel and Dendi Sherpa at Ama Dablam base camp in 2006.

Orientation Workshop Held At Explore Himalaya – 1st February 2008

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The Operation Department of Explore Himalaya organized an orientation workshop for the benefit of other employees. The Sherpas and other members of the operation dept. took turns to speak about and to demonstrate what sort of preparation is required and what goes on during a trekking and climbing expedition. All the employees of Explore Himalaya participated in the workshop.

The program started with the serving of breakfast at the dining tent, which was pitched up to give a touch of authenticity . The dining tent can accommodate around 20-25 people. Ram Kaji Tamang and Phurba Sherpa, both old hands and experienced ‘sirdars’, took turns at explaining at what goes on during a trek and expedition. While the breakfast was being served, Phurba Sherpa enlightened the participants on how the day starts while on an actual trek or expedition. The crew is led by a ‘sirdar’ under whose command are the Sherpas , kitchen crew and porters. Every evening he briefs the members on the next day’s schedule.

According to him the members are woken up with a cup of tea brought to the members’ tents. After that they are provided with a basin of hot / lukewarm water to wash themselves. After washing up they assemble at the dining tent where breakfast is served. The members get ready and begin the day’s trek after breakfast.
Ram Kaji Tamang explained that two types of tents are used for sleeping while trekking and on expeditions: ‘Two men dome’ and ‘A’ shaped. As the name suggests the Dome tent is shaped like a dome, semi-circular, and can accommodate two people. Foam mattress with insulation underneath is provided for sleeping. The tent has an inner and outer cover. Even if it rains or snows the inner shield keeps the tent dry. According to Ram Kaji Tamang, this type of tent has been used for several expeditions including the expedition to Everest. The ‘A’ shaped tent is shaped like an ‘A’, and is more spacious. But a level surface is needed to pitch it up. The dome tent can be pitched up in uneven surfaces too.

The inflatable Gamow Bag was next in line. According to Phurba, the gamow bag is a must during expeditions and trekking, especially in the higher altitudes. It acts as a life saver during an AMS attack. The Sherpas explained that they always take a gamow bag along with them.

Next on the agenda was a discourse on climbing and fixing rope , together with an exhibition of climbing equipments and clothing used during an expedition. Ice axe, ropes, carabiners,mountaineering boots, ice screws, harnesses, crampons, down suits, mountain boots etc. were on display.Two of the Sherpas gave live demonstration on belaying by climbing on a nearby tree using harnesses and ropes.

Lunch was served, prepared by the kitchen stuff and included items served during a trekking and climbing expedition. The orientation workshop came to a closure after lunch.

Happy Explorers

It has been a very exciting tour. A very professional guide and porter and professional handling by the agency. We had no complaints. Thank you very much!

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