Chandragiri Hill 1650m- just 40 minutes away from Kathmandu

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Chandragiri Hill

Located on the outskirts Kathmandu valley, CHANDRAGIRI HILL in Thankot is 16 kilometers away with approximately 30 minutes drive from the capital city. The recently introduced cable car project has made the top of the hill accessible like never before. The cable car project is around two and a half kilometers from near Godam at Thankot which takes around 9 minutes to reach the top. People used to drive through seven kilometers of rough road to reach the hill top or hike three-hour to reach to the “Bishnu Devi Temple” on the top of the hill.  Now both the domestic and international tourists with this new project completion are offered a new and accessible destination around Kathmandu valley. The destination will be an ideal place to visit for tourists with a free day in Kathmandu.

Chandragiri Hill

Chandragiri Hills Pvt.Ltd has recently begun Cable Car service, Restaurants, Amusement Park, Resort, Multipurpose hall and Branded Shops in Thankot Kathmandu, Nepal. Chandragiri being one of the nearest hill station providing a spectacular view of mountain ranges has the potential of establishing itself as a major tourism attractions destinations in Kathmandu valley, for all kind of tourists seeking the best of Kathmandu within short time frame.

PATA Travel Mart 2016 begins

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pata travel mart begins

Sales & Marketing Manager at the Explore Himalaya Stall during the PTM 2016

The 2016 edition of PATA Travel Mart is beginning  from today September 7. The annual biggest travel sales show of entire Asia is taking place at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), Banten Province, Jakarta in Indonesia this year.

Various personalities from the Nepalese Tourism Industry will be participating in the 3 days long travel sales showcase. President Mr. Suman Pandey associated by Sales and Marketing Manager Mr. Prachanda Shivakotee will be representing Explore Himalaya during this event.

pata travel mart begins pata travel mart 2016 pata travel mart begins


The Mustang Madness – an ultimate mountain biking challange in Nepal

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The Mustang Madness will kick of on November 24 2016

The Mustang Madness is a unique blend of a holiday and challenge for mountain biking enthusiasts. Mountain Bikers seeking for a biking holiday along with the combination of culture with their favorite adventure can participate in the event. During the competition, bikers will paddle along one of the best biking trails with the challenge of high altitude in the Himalaya.

The Mustang Madness- MTB Race (Promo) from Adventure Sports Nepal on Vimeo.

The Mustang Madness will be an adventure of 220 kilometers on the elevation between 1100m to 4200m. Challengers will have an ultimate opportunity to encounter with nature and tradition both at its best form. The creators of “Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon” will introduce the new challenge in the forbidden Kingdom of Mustang. The event set for seven stages over a period of 7 days will kick off on 24 November 2016.

introducing Sawyer PointONE Filters from upcoming treks

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our small effort to provide extra value to our clients and our commitment to sustainability

Sawyer PointONE Filter: drink fresh water without any trouble

Sawyer PointONE Filter: drink fresh water without any trouble

Explore Himalaya will be introducing Sawyer PointONE Filters from its upcoming treks.  Like the slogan of the brand, introduction of this gadget will allow travelers to drink clean water wherever they go without any trouble. Trekking in the remote areas of Nepal where drinking water is not always available, the tool will provide trekkers an easy way to drink water without any fear of unhygienic water. The water filter can be carried along without any hassle and can be used as per the need of volume of water.

Sawyer PointONE Filter allows you to clean water in an instant

Sawyer PointONE Filter allows you to clean water in an instant

Sawyer Filter, an American product approved by Quality Control can filter up to 1800liters of water a single day and guarantees more than 350000 liters during its lifetime. The PointONE version of the filter assures 99.99999% elimination of all bacteria including salmonella, cholera, and E:coli with its features like  Hollow Fiber Membranes and Higher Tensile Strength. The filter comes along with a syringe to backflush after it’s usage to maintain the filter and to ensure its high flowing rate. Most of all, the filter fit in with most of the bottles that are in use currently in the market.  Also, the tool is very easy to use for trouble-free cleaning and maintenance. With all these features, Sawyer Filter has already won Editor’s Choice Award from the Backpacker Magazine back in 2012.

Sawyer PointONE Filter is easy to maintain

Sawyer PointONE Filter is easy to maintain

We being a responsible travel operator are committed to a pollution free environment. We expect the use of Sawyer PointONE Filters will be a small contribution creating a healthy environment.

Sawyer PointONE Filter: use where you want, how you want

Sawyer PointONE Filter: use where you want, how you want

Naga Panchami – a festival dedicated to serpents

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If the days were enough in a year, Nepal would probably be worshipping almost all the animals.

On the fifth day of bright half of Lunar month of Shrawan, Hindus celebrate Naga Panchami – a festival dedicated to serpents. Snakes are considered as a god and have a huge cultural significance in Hindu Mythology. Naga means snake and Panchami are the fifth days of the bright half of Lunar month. The festival falls during the month of August every year.

Astika stops the snake sacrifice, the origin of celebration of Naagpanchami

Astika, the young Bramhin, stops the snake sacrifice

There are various stories in Hindus explaining the significance for worshipping serpents. The myth behind the celebration of Naag Panchami is from Mahabharata. Long ago, Janamejeye wanted to sacrifice all the serpents through with the help of Bramhins by erecting a sacrifice fireplace for the vengeance of his father’s death with a bite of the king of snake Takshaka. The powerful mantras caused all the serpents to fall in the sacrificial fireplace. A young Bramhin named Astika saved the serpent race by asking for a boon with Janamejeye who never said no to Bramhins. That day was also the fifth day of bright half of Lunar month of Shrawan. Since then, on this day, serpents and snakes are worshiped.

People place the image of Naga on the door of their houses and worship it. Snakes are offered milk, sweet, flowers on the day of Naga Panchami. People also visit several temples related to serpents on this day. Changu Nararayan in Bhaktapur is one of the places to observe this festival.

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