Free Eye Camp 2015 – A team of Danish opticians & nurses serve remote villages of Central Nepal

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Following the great success last year, the Danish team of 6 opticians and 2 nurses through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel returned to the remote villages of Nuwakot and Rasuwa to serve the underprivileged communities by giving them better visibility during the Eye camp 2015 this autumn. The free Eye Camps in four different locations of two quake affected districts were conducted from November 9 to November 16. The team was carrying 4000 pairs of glasses and was very much excited to be in Nepal for the second time. Due to the recent earthquake and its effect the Danish team was more excited to work for the benefits of the Nepalese people. During the Eye Camps at four different locations the Danish Team treated 2,735 patients having different eye problems.

Free Eye Camp in Nuwakot and Rasuwa 2015

A brief description of Free Eye Camp 2015


The first day of the project started with great energy at Kharinatar, which was the first destination of the eye camp 2015. People were lined up in the premises of Amar Jyoti Higher Secondary School before the camp even started. In the first and second day of the project, starting from 8 am till 5 pm people thronging there for the free eye treatment was an overwhelming experience for the Nepalese patients as well as for the team of Danish opticians and nurses . After two and a half day of hassle and hard work the team managed to check 918 people and distribute glasses to those who were in need of them. Local volunteers from the school, and the support of the local police force made our work easier by helping us controlling the big mass of patients. At the end of the Eye Camp locals of kharanitar were very much pleased as the huge number of people was treated with their eye problems in such short time period.

Free Eye Camp Nepal 2015

Team setting up the camps at first camp-site, Kharanitar


The second destination for the eye project was at Tarukaghat, a village located in the banks of Trishuli River. In the premises of Ganeshman Smirity Primary School the team started their work with lots of optimism and a great view of the river. The support by the members of local club and the local police force gave the boost that the team needed for checking so many people. After one and a half day of hard work the team was able to provide benefit to 408 people. The local villagers very so impressed by the level of dedication that the team showed for the welfare of community.

Free Eye Camp Nepal 2015

Treating a patient of the remote corner in Nepal


The Historical city of Nuwakot was the third destination for the eye camp 2015. Like the previous destinations people started lining up in the football field of Shree Bhairavi Higher Secondary since the morning. The team was very happy that people supported their cause so much and were very eager to start the camp. The whole day was very busy day. Despite the long line the happiness in the people’s faces after the treatment was enough for us to continue the good work. After one and a half day of good work, 568 people were checked and glasses were provided to the patients who needed them.

Free Eye Camp Nepal 2015

Enormous support from local administration and local clubs


The last destination of the project was Rasuwa Kalikasthan, which is also a part of Langtang National Park . Kalika Himalayan Higher Secondary School was the venue for the last two days of the program. The beautiful Himalayan view and the natural beauty of the place was a refreshing experience for the Danish team. The program followed the same momentum like the previous days and people started lining up to get treated since the morning. People not only from the area but from the remote neighboring walked hours to get treated during the Free Eye Camp. After one and a half day of great work 841 were able to get benefit from the eye camp 2015.

Free Eye Camp Nepal 2015

The team of Danish opticians & nurses pose for a photo at the last camp-site Kalikasthan


At the end of every day, all the overwhelming response of the people when they were able to see better was a very satisfying feeling to the whole team. The Danish team was very happy and they were very satisfied as the program ran so smoothly and the locals were welcoming and friendly.

Free Eye Camp Nepal 2015

General comparison of male & female patients seeking treatment during Free Eye Camp 2015

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Everest Skydive 2015 – exclusive interview with the crew members who have been a part of it since 2008

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Coming to Nepal is itself a life changing experience for most of the western travelers and being here for the elite adventure on the top of the world, Everest Skydive is for sure the biggest holiday anyone could imagine. The biggest and the most thrilling sky adventure of autumn in the shadows of world’s highest peak, Everest Skydive 2015 has been a successful event yet again. After the Everest Skydive, relatively easier Pokhara Skydive was also accomplished by the same crew. After both Skydiving Expeditions, we had a brief interview with three crewmembers who have been the member of this adventurous aerial escapade since the inception of Everest Skydive in 2008.

Everest Skydive 2015

The team of Everest Skydive 2015

Tom Noonan, Dr. Ryan Jackson and Derek Thomas, without whom the Everest Skydiving would have just an experiment long time ago, hear them.

EH: Overall Experience of ESD and PSD

Tom: Every year we come to Nepal to conduct Everest Skydive Expedition & Pokhara Skydive Expedition we face new challenges; Operational challenges, personal challenges, weather, aircraft and so on. However, we know no matter what the challenges are we have to overcome and the resources provided by Explore Himalaya and Fishtail Helicopters provide us the confidence to conduct the expedition overcoming all these challenges.

Derek: We have been coming here since 2008; we are three of the four who have been learning here form the first day. For me being an equipment guy, it is very interesting to see how the equipment is able to survive and work in extreme environment for high altitude and I am happy that everything worked well for all these years.

Everest Skydive 2015

The key person of Everest Skydive 2015 – Tom Noonan

EH: Differences between previous years Skydives and 2015 Skydive

Tom: This year was unique as we arrived after the earthquake. It was difficult to see some of the places that we have known over the years having come down to the earthquake. Hearing about the fatalities associated with it, it was difficult for us to come in and conduct a sports celebration knowing that there was such damage. Moreover, there was a fuel crisis as well and managing to that crisis changed the dynamic of how we operate it. But in the end we decided that the best thing we could do is to promote Nepal and tourism industry of Nepal conveying the message globally “Nepal is back on top of the world” through Everest Skydive and Pokhara Skydive.

Derek: Nothing to do environmentally or equipment wise but personality wise we had few new group members and I am hoping to work more with them as they are very good as friends and have brought very good attitude and work ethic for the adventure like this.

Everest Skydive 2015

Technical person of Everest Skydive Derek Thomas

EH :Having 80% of solo skydivers this year does it refer professional skydivers are more into ESD

Tom: I think that the interest between professional skydivers versus tandem skydivers’ rises and falls based on support tourism industry can do. Some years it’s financially viable for professional solo divers other years through global economic changes more tandem divers might be interested on the event.

EH: Difference between Everest Skydive and Pokhara Skydive

Ryan: Two extremes of skydiving for us, Everest Skydiving is enormously and technically difficult and challenging whereas, Pokhara Skydive is within what we normally consider what skydiving is. It is easy and fun with warm and stable weather. Everest Skydive and Pokhara Skydive are totally contrasting expeditions.

Everest Skydive 2015

Doctor and professional skydiver Ryan Jackson

EH: Ideal participants for Everest and Pokhara Skydives

Ryan: Everest Skydiving participants are professional skydivers seeking to extraordinary skydiving adventure or they are high networth tourists doing something that can’t be done anywhere else in the world like going to the very peak. Pokhara Skydive is attractive to anyone who would come to Nepal for doing any other adventure tourism who would pay to go paragliding or bungee jumping.

Tom: Whether it is solo or tandem skydiver, Everest Skydive targets wealthy professional individuals. ESD is for Professional and successful individuals highly driven for the adventure. For the ESD we tend to see self made wealthy professional because it in lines with their personalities. PSD is more of a stable and traditional skydiving operation which can target individuals with reasonable income.

Everest Skydive 2015

A tandem dive during Everest Skydive 2015

EH: Support of Explore Himalaya

Derek: That’s only that has not changed. Everywhere we go we get great support and everyone in Namche now have begun to recognize us and everyone here in Nepal and Explore Himalaya had been great with us and we have no bad experience at all.

Tom: In the beginning one of our first persons to contact was Pushpa, she was amazing. Then came Menuka, she was amazing as well as very easy to communicate. Now we have Monika, she is equally amazing. Every person we have communicated has done their job so well we could totally rely on. For the first few years we had Krishna to support our crew during the Expeditions and now we have Bharat to do that role. To be honest, without Bharat ESD & PSD 2015 would not have been this great. Whenever we had small hiccups during these expeditions we would just call Bharat and without any sort of hesitation the problem was solved. Without Explore Himalaya Everest Skydiving would have ended six years ago and every year we are privileged to come to Nepal to work with you guys. Thanks.

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Globe Riders – over 10000 km journey across Asia

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Riding 75 days on motorbikes around the South East Asian and South Asian countries including Thailand, Laos, China, Myanmar, India, Bhutan, the team of Globe Riders arrived Kathmandu on 15th November. Six riders rode across more than 10000 kilometers with the banner “Nepal Back on Top of the World” promoting Nepal as safe travel destination.

Nepal on back of top of the world

Mr. Helge Perdersen the leader of the trip

Here we have an exclusive interview with Mr. Helge Pedersen, the leader of the multinational motor-biking expedition.

EH: Overall experience of riding on the roads of Asia

We have done various tours before this. Some roads were a little bit familiar but some were very very different. Some of the highlights were Yanun, Unan provinces of China, they were very beautiful. And of course, Tibet and Myanmar and also Nagaland in India were also nice places. We loved Bhutan and most of the places we rode to, because the ride had a lot of new territories we haven’t been before.

And in Nepal it was quiet. When we entered Nepal from India because of the fuel shortage, there was almost no traffic and it was good. We enjoyed Chitwan and the tour of Kathmandu very much.

Nepal on back of top of the world

Globe Riders journey in the Asian Roads

EH: About the slogan Nepal Back on top of the world

I think it was a good slogan “Nepal Back on the Top of the World”. Suman (President of Explore Himlaya) came up with this idea when we met him at Bangkok. And it goes a little further back, I have been planning this trip for almost two years and this is just an exploratory trip and then I want to do more with bigger group. Like 15-20 motorbikes in the future, but first we have the small group and check it out. And when the earthquake hit Nepal, some of the guys who were planning this trip said “we cannot go because the infrastructures situation in Nepal at present might not be that good”. But I said “No perhaps, we are going to Nepal six months after the quake”. I believed on renovation work going on here and I also wanted to support the country that relies heavily on tourism.

During the meeting with Suman at Bangkok, we had a long discussion about this. And I think with today’s media and social media, everybody was convinced that terrible things had happened because of the earthquake. Everybody thought the whole country is devastated and that’s not true. And if you don’t go to a place like this which depends a lot on tourism you’re not helping. I think you are helping if you come here, which will help run businesses and opportunity for the people to get employment. So when Suman proposed the slogan, it fit perfectly in with what we were doing.

Nepal on back of top of the world

Globe Riders in China

EH: Promotion of Nepal by the slogan to the countries you rode across during the trip

I think it promoted beyond that. We have written articles on our journals and sent Newsletters about the trip to people who were following the trip. We have promoted this trip through our pages in Social Medias. And in response to those people, who are acknowledging that we are traveling, we tell them the story and people get encouraged.

EH: Safety issues during the trip

Oh yes, of course! People who saw us riding could see that we were tourists and everyone was nice to us.

EH: About the news in media that Nepal is totally devastated after the quake

I worked as a journalist for many years. And if there is a something going on like war or earthquake you take a picture of it. You take a picture of the devastation, you don’t take a picture of nature and post “look at the nature it’s beautiful”.

It’s just like when 9/11 hit New York, everyone thought it’s not safe to travel to America but it was just a small part of America in. But everybody looks all over the world, in Nepal too, you see on the media and say it’s terrible. Like now in Paris. They are all small places. So it’s the problem with the media, that people easily panic and we cannot go to Nepal.

I don’t know how to fix that but it’s the only thing you can is to write stories and tell “Hey, you should come here and see it’s still a beautiful country and the people out there need your support and the best way you can do it is by going there”

Nepal on back of top of the world

EH: Worst part of the trip

The worst part is always those custom and paperwork. And we had some bad roads in Bhutan during the trip­­­ due to the weather. Other than that, the saddest part was we couldn’t go to Tibet which was on our original plan because the road was closed we were disappointed although it was nobody’s fault. so that was a disappointment but it was nobody’s fault.

EH: The best part

The best part was like always meeting new people and learning about the culture of the place where you travel. Moreover, to see the cremation process at Pashupatinath was so beautiful. Though loved ones of someone passed away, the way to farewell them was so unique, respectful and beautiful that we stayed there for hours watching it. We don’t get to see this in the western world and at Pashupatinath to sight the procedure to farewell the loved ones was totally a new experience.

Nepal on back of top of the world

Globe Riders finally in Nepal

Photo Credits: Globe Riders

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Traveling differently with Different Travel – fun mixed with charity that supports needy communities

Posted Nov 17th, 2015 under Trip Report,

Different Travel UK, is a tour operator that blends charitable tasks with interesting tours so well that travelers get opportunities to explore new travel destinations choke full with unique highlights and they also involve their travelers in some of kind humanitarian activity, that offers them the pleasing sensation of helping the needy people of underprivileged communities.”

Diffrent Travel Charitable work at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

Welcoming the travelers of from Different Travel UK

However, DT does not contribute huge amount. The most beautiful thing about the travelers from Different Travel is that they love contributing the labor by themselves and the collective petty amounts that they donate is able to bring the significant changes in any place they involve themselves during their small but very noble projects.

After Poonhill Ghorepani Trek, the short and easy trek in Annapurna Region travelers from Different Travel in the morning of 9th November rode to the Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital. They had fun during the most popular easy trek of the country and now it was time to contribute to the community that required help of any kind. On their arrival at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, the Medical Director of the hospital Prakash Raj Neupane officially welcomed the group and garlanded them “khatas” (traditional scarf which symbolizes compassion and purity).

Different-Travel (6)

Different-Travel (2)

Diffrent Travel Charitable work at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

The work begins at Cancer Hospital in Bhaktapur

Before the commencement of the work at the hospital Mr. Neuapne addressed the group with difficulties in the hospital because of current political instability and fuel crisis. After a brief formal ceremony of welcoming the guests, the work at the hospital kicked off.

The member travelers were divided into four groups. First group was involved in painting the poles for the fence and the electric poles of hospital premises. The second Group was involved in gardening work. At the evening, the group came up with the beautiful design for the garden and dug pot holes to plant flowers next day. The third group had bit technical people and hence they involved themselves creating a concrete base for the cistern in the parking lot and garden area. The fourth group painted the lower walls of the hospital building.

Diffrent Travel Charitable work at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

Helping hands extended by our guide Dayula Sherpa

The group atmosphere was great throughout the day, lots of interaction with the hospital personals, local workers and natives were making it a special experience. John approved the good feedback from the members. To be followed by pictures tomorrow.

On November 10, group gets ready for drive at 0915 AM. Within half an hour drive, group reached to the Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital. On reaching the Hospital premises, they were once again welcomed by Hospital Administration officer- Aswin Vaidhya and the group.

A short brief was given to the group about today’s work. For today activities, Hospital Visit, Painting of basement of the floor and pole, Fixing of Fences- both metal and bamboo and Leveling and plantation in Garden were involved.

The groups worked enthusiastically to complete the work.

In first half, after a short visit of Palliative unit and surrounding, different groups were engaged in coloring the basement of the floor, poles; leveling of the land in garden; fixing of metal fences and sanitation.

At 12 30 pm, it was time for lunch. Within 15 minutes walk from hospital at Greenland Resort the travelers from Different Travelers had their Lunch. After an hour rest at the resort, they walked back to the hospital to accomplish the work they were carrying out for almost two days.

During Second half, fixing of metal fences, coloring and sanitation activities were finished. Then, they started to make a bamboo fences for back side of garden. For this, they were taught how to cut the bamboo and fixed it in land. Other participants were involved in creating a border bricks in the garden, plantation, watering the plants and cleaning the garden premises.

Different-Travel (7)

The group as well as participation of Hospital Administration Team, and Explore Himalaya Team, the project was completed on time. Then, for memento, we gave them a white cotton cloth to write on behalf of The Hospice of St. Francis.

Overall the work at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital Hospice Unit brought the significant changes and the charitable work ended in a happy note pleasing everyone; the travelers from Different Travels, the Hospital personals and of course the team of Explore Himalaya.

Diffrent Travel Charitable work at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

Finally the mission accomplished making everyone happy

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Everest Skydive 2015 – Autumn adventure in Nepal that world eyes on

Posted Nov 17th, 2015 under Photo Essay,

“Everest Skydive 2015 despite of all adverse consequences has been a successful mega event once again.”

Everest Skydive 2015

Crew members  including Tom Noonan, Derek Thomas, Dr. Ryan Jackson and Oxygen Specialist Ted Atkins, Mike McCann, French Aerial Cinematographer Paul Henry DeBaere and Venezuelan Skydiver Enersto Gainza, the new crewmember for the ESD 2015 conducted skydives in the shadows of Everest from 6th November to 8th November. Skydivings by four professional skydivers from Complete Parachute Solutions, USA along with the beauty queen Sambriddhi Rai and the crew members this year Everest Skydive had 21 solo jumps and a tandem jump.

Everest Skydive 2015

In today’s post we have the the day to day report of Everest Skydive 2015 and the newest photos of this year’s mega event. Have a look. We will come up with the exclusive interview with the crew and more photographs tomorrow.

November 6

1 Flight Load 3 solo jumps by Tom Noonan, Derek Thomas and Mike McCann

November 7

14 solos & 1 tandem jumps in 6 Flight Loads

First Flight Load 3 solo by jumps Krause Brain, Eric Chane and Paul Henry

Second Flight Load 2 solo jumps by Tom Noonan and Fred Williams

Third Flight Load 1 tandem jump by Sambriddhi Rai with Ryan Jackson & a solo jump by Paul Henry

Fourth Flight Load 2 solo jumps by Eric Chane & Fred Williams

Fifth Flight Load 2 solo jumps by Ryan Jackson & Krause Brain

Sixth Flight Load 4 solo jumps by Tom Noonan, Mike McCann, Ryan Jackson & Paul Henry

November 8

Four solo jumps in 3 flight loads

First Flight Load solo jump by Brian Krause

Second Flight Load solo jump by Tom Noonan

Third Flight Load 2 solo jumps by Ryan Jackson & Eric Chane

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The meeting and handling was excellent. Our guide was fantastic, the best. The services at the lodges as well as meals during the trek were very good. The service of the support staff was excellent.

- Alf Mol Christensen, Denmark Read Testimonials | Submit Your Testimonial

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