Increasing popularity of Pokhara Skydive

Increasing popularity of Pokhara Skydive

Posted Nov 26th, 2015 under Special Events,

As Toni Morrison said, “If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it.” Perfectly justified

Jumping out of the flying helicopter from the elevation above 15000ft and free falling at the speed of 120 miles per hour is the normal skydiving that happens everywhere across the world.

But Pokhara Skydive is much more than that because of the amazing backdrop of gigantic Himalayan 8000ers divers get to sight that makes a normal skydiving expedition a grander and the most beautiful one.

Pokhara Skydive 2015

Nepalese do love guests and the guests traveling Nepal after the quake for adventure like Skydiving receive exceptional welcome – a sight from the drop zone

Pokhara Skydive 2015

Skydiving overcomes the biggest nightmares

In the recent years, for all those extremely adrenaline hungry travelers who prefer traveling to Nepal during Autumn, Pokhara Skydive has been the ideal pick . And the popularity of this annual Mega Event is increasing every year because this Skydiving Expedition in the most popular tourist town of West Nepal is affordable considering the skydiving highlights it offers.

The Pokhara Skydive not only caters the extreme thrill of falling freely from very high altitude; it also offers the best opportunity to sight the widespread massifs of amazing Annapurna, dazzling Dhaulagiri, nicer Nilgiri & fantastic Fishtail.

Pokhara Skydive 2015

Few people skydive because they love their freedom the most

Pokhara Skydive 2015

No matter your eyes reflect fear or your face flutters like a prayer flags- everytime you see that image you will remember the best moment of your life because its the image where you have done Skydive

Pokhara Skydive 2015 was conducted from 13th November to 15th November. During a three day Skydiving Expedition 25 solo jumps were performed by the crewmembers and 25 tandem jumps were performed, which included divers from Nepal, India, Germany, Malaysia and Norway. Thirteen Indians, ten Nepalese and a German and Norwegian each experienced Pokhara Skydiving 2015.

Pokhara Skydive 2015

Biggest Aerial adventure blended so well with the magnificence of nature- Pokhara Skydive

Pokhara Skydive 2015

Imagine a life of those who skydive across the world throughout the year- Simply Amazing

The flight loads were operated by the most trustworthy partner of Skydiving Events in Nepal, the Fishtail Air.

Pokhara Skydive 2015

No matter how high we fly the happiest moment is to be back to the earth safely- Dropzone at Pame

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