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Direct bus service linking Pokhara-New Delhi

A  private transportation company has been plying passenger buses along the Pokhara-New Delhi highway ferrying tourists and Nepalese between the two Nepalese and Indian cities of Pokhara and New Delhi. Presently the bus service runs for three days a week , but taking into consideration NTY 2011 and the the increased frequency of tourist arrivals, the company has decided to ply its buses 6 days a week from mid-July.Though most of the passengers are Nepalese and Indian tourists, tourists from Japan, America, England, and Israel have also been found favoring this direct bus service.

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  1. Julia says:

    I see here that is says there is a direct bus private transportation from pokhara to New Delhi. How do I get more information on this because me and my friend are going to be staying in Pokhara next month and we want to go over to New Delhi area for a couple weeks and would like to possibly take a bus there instead of fly. Where do i find more information on this and how much it costs and how long it takes and what you need, and how to go about this from Pokhara. Thanks, Julia

  2. Himalaya says:

    Dear Julia,
    For more information visit this site

    Best regards,

  3. barb says:

    How do I find out if this bus was the one in the bus-train accident? My son and his friend left on this bus for New Delhi Wednesday the 20th.

  4. Himalaya says:

    You can try calling up on the numbers listed on this site Hope & pray your son is safe!

  5. pradeep says:

    hi is there ..bus to pokhara frm delhi….how can i take it………if is there?

  6. Himalaya says:

    Yes, there is. You can get the details in the following link

  7. Our sales team will contact you. Thank you

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