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The biggest festival in the city of festivals,Kathmandu- Indra Jatra

Pleased with the generosity of the people of Kathmandu, Dagini promised for the timely rainfall and good harvest. She also took all the people of Kathmandu who died that year to the heaven. Since then Indra Jatra is observed enthusiastically in Kathmandu.

Teej festival- the largest celebration of Hindu women in Nepal

Teej, the biggest festival for Hindu women- the deity worshiped is supreme God Shiva, a male God and the benefits for all sufferings women undertake goes into man’s account.

Festival of holy thread- Janai Purnima aka Rakshya Bandhan

Rakshya refers to “protection and bandhan refers to “bond” so the knot tied around the wrist is basically a protection bond as per Hindu myth. Regardless of gender and caste, every Hindu ties this protection bond around their wrists during Rakshya Bandhan.

Nag Panchami, Worshipping the Serpent God

Nag Panchami is observed by worshipping the copper, silver or stone statues and images of Serpent Deities. People of Nepal put the colorful images of serpents on the doors of their houses; they offer especially cow’s milk to these serpent deities.

First time in Kathmandu- Surprise to many shock to few

Once the plane lands and reality is before the eyes, it is nowhere close to the drawing in the brain. Exactly, encountering the unexpected or the least expected is the fun of traveling. And Kathmandu is one of the few destinations where several unexpected activities for a novice traveler take place every now and then.

Budhanilkantha- Vishnu, the major God of Hindu trio sleeps on a bed of serpents

Budhanilkantha lying at the base of Shivpuri Hill has a floating deity Bishnu, one of the major Gods of Hindu trios. The sleeping posture of Vishnu which is called Jalasayan with his legs crossed on a bed of large 11 hoods serpent is strangely divine in itself.