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First time in Kathmandu- Surprise to many shock to few

Once the plane lands and reality is before the eyes, it is nowhere close to the drawing in the brain. Exactly, encountering the unexpected or the least expected is the fun of traveling. And Kathmandu is one of the few destinations where several unexpected activities for a novice traveler take place every now and then.

Budhanilkantha- Vishnu, the major God of Hindu trio sleeps on a bed of serpents

Budhanilkantha lying at the base of Shivpuri Hill has a floating deity Bishnu, one of the major Gods of Hindu trios. The sleeping posture of Vishnu which is called Jalasayan with his legs crossed on a bed of large 11 hoods serpent is strangely divine in itself.

Mahashivratri at Pashupatinath – Photo Gallery

Mahashivratri at Pashupatinath is not only about spiritual reverence, the festival is also equally crazy with the activities of the several hundred thousand mass gathered at Pashupatinath Temple, wild and intoxicated by hemp

Spend lesser time and money to watch authentic Tibetan culture at Boudhanath

One of the few places in the world where Tibetan Buddhist culture can be observed without spending much time and money, Boudhanath is an UNESCO enlisted World Heritage Site.

Cycling trip to Kailash Mansarovar- afterall it was a lifetime experience

“Since we stopped every ten kilometers we absorbed every bit of Tibetan landscapes and atmosphere.” Dr. Harsh Shah on his Tibet Cycling Tour.

Lumbini from India.

  Lumbini, where Buddha was born. On September 29, the group of six Mr. Laursen Peder, Ms. Laursen Alice, Ms. Lille Lilly, Ms. Norstrand Gerda, Mr. Scharff Kristian and Mr. Soelberg Per were cordially received by Explore Himalaya at the Sunauli border. They were escorted to their hotel. ¬†Once they recreated themselves from the long […]