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Apa Sherpa’s record 21st Everest ascent to be his last one

Apa Sherpa, who recently scaled Mount Everest (8848m) for the record 21st time, has declared that this year’s ascent to the world’s tallest mountain is going to be his last one.  Apa who is 51 years old led the Eco Everest Expedition 2011 this season with the mission to spread awareness on climate change and its adverse impact on the Himalayan Mountains. His team collected and disposed 1,100 kg of trash littered on the highest climbing trails of the world.
Talking to media persons in the capital Apa Sherpa disclosed his decision to bid goodbye to future Everest ascents. He said that he would devote his time in writing a memoir about his climbing experiences and mountaineering and raise awareness on protecting the mountain environment.

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  1. Apa Sherpa should go down in history books along with other Everest pioneers. Add to this his concern about garbage (left by other trekking groups) and he deserves much praise. The same problem of balancing damage by tourism vs the income generated to the local population is faced here in Peru’s mountain, rain forest, and desert treks. We hope to see others following Apa Sherpa’s example.

  2. Abhimanyu Kolar says:

    I heard & Saw Sir Apa Sherpa for the first time in my life, all these days i only heard and read about him, but hearing from him about his passion and love to the mountains was just incredible. (17 July 2011 – Mumbai, INDIA Visit)

    I wish Sir Apa Sherpa should one more time try to reach the summit with around 50 people team and educate them about the Everest LIVE…
    The greatest Man in the Mankind to do such things should surely be in the books of History (as mentioned by David above)

    Sir Apa Sherpa is the real TIGER OF THE MOUNTAINS, his passion for Mountains is higher then the height of Everest.

    I Salute You Sir Apa Sherpa!!!

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