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Wonderland of Himalayas- the best opted family holiday in Nepal

An ideal family holiday, Wonderland of Himalayas is a composition of diverse activities of Nepalese highlights, which offers glimpses of every touristic attractions of Nepal. The soft and low altitude trek to Poonhill Ghorepani in Annapurna Region is the prime highlight of this holiday in Nepal. Allowing enough time in the typical hamlets of the region, in order to dig more into rural culture is an interesting part of the trek. During the trek you get to witness magnificent oak and rhododendron forests as you ascend to alpine meadows that afford spectacular views of the Annapurna Range. After the trek, a completely new activity for your holiday is designed. Wildlife Safari at Chitwan National Park atop a giant Asian elephant is considered one of the best wildlife activities in Asia. Encountering with several wild animals and spotting hundreds of species of birds are the major highlights at Chitwan. The mountain flight at the end of the tour is just like a sweet dessert. Mountain Flight takes you to the snow dominant Everest Region, where the gigantic peaks soar up to the sky.

Two Australian families, Welchs and Symmons recently explored the wonderland of Himalayas. Two weeks long holiday in Nepal made them fall in love with the country. Paul Welch after the completion of the trip wrote some sentences about their experiences during the holiday in Nepal.

Trekking was wonderful. Especially Rupen and the boys were very good. Jeep Safari at Chitwan and spotting sloth bears and several rhinos were very interesting and the Mountain flight was excellent opportunity to view the scenic nature.

Explore Himalaya’s service was excellent. Sabin, our Tour Officer was very attentive and took good care of us. Hotels and transportation were very good- reliable and comfortable. The team of Explore Himalaya is an outstanding and highly recommended team. We would rate their service with five stars and recommend Explore Himalaya to all the travelers to Nepal.

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Gokyo Valley Trek- Trekking adventure to the 2 beautiful valleys of Solu, Gokyo and Khumbu

An incomparable trekking adventure that absorbs all the best parts of Khumbu Region, Gokyo Valley Trek takes you to incredible ‘Gokyo Lakes’ and legendary ‘Everest Base Camp’. The traverse through demanding Cho La Pass 5420m- the pass joining Gokyo Valley and Khumbu valley as well as day hiking to Gokyo Ri 5340m for the incredible views of Himalayan giants including Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Makalu among others are prime highlights of Gokyo Valley Trek. The Gokyo Valley Trek also includes the beautiful close-up view of Everest from Kala Pattar 5545m. The views of numerous smaller peaks and amazing glaciers from Gokyo Ri and Kalapattar are the bonus rewards of the trek. The off beaten trek famous for natural beauties very well blends with the cultural aspects of the region. The prosperous Sherpa and Tibetan culture of the region can be well observed in the mountainous hamlets and monasteries within it. Besides, the very friendly and kind nature of the natives living in highland Himalayas is genuinely a boosting factor to overcome the challenges a Gokyo Valley Trek.

Ms. Annette Schmidt and Mr. Benny Schmidt from Denmark through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel were on Gokyo Valley Trek. They skipped the Everest Base Camp part, however the trek was amazing. They also added the cultural sightseeing tour in Kathmandu. Here we have few sentences said by Schmidts after the completion of their holiday in Nepal.

Among many good memories from our holiday to Nepal, the view from Gokyo Ri was out of this world!!!. As well as, the sightseeing tour of Bhaktapur was a great cultural experience with the outstanding guide.
The service of Explore Himalaya was exceptional. Staffs were very informative and helpful. Hotels we stayed in were wonderful. Transportation was good and our trek guide, Balu was always there for us. We would love to trek with him again. Rating the services of the company we would rate it with five stars.
We had a great adventure and to the fellow travelers we recommend to use Explore Himalaya.

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Condolences to the brave Sherpas who died during the biggest tragedy in Everest

The wicked avalanche swept away the lives of 16 Sherpas who were the Icefall Doctors for Everest Expedition 2014. This is the deadliest accident that ever happened in the Everest. Early morning April 18, 2014 every Nepali mourned as every national and international Television channels broadcasted the News of avalanche on Everest. Avalanches occur throughout the year but this time it was a peak season of Everest Expedition and eventually, Sherpas had lot to do.

Because of the ice boulders which led to the deceitful Khumbu Icefall, the avalanche struck the Sherpas at 6:45 AM on Friday at 5,800 meters in the Popcorn Field, the region between the Everest Base Camp and  Camp I. The task of Icefall Doctors begins early morning, so several Sherpa Icefall Doctors were already on their mission since 3:00 AM on that day. Suddenly a large ice boulder hanging on the glacier broke off and splitted into pieces, tumbling down several thousand feet to the Icefall where the Sherpas were working. The Sherpas had no place to escape and their only choice was to surrender.



Bodies of thirteen Icefall Doctors have been recovered whereas; three are still missing in the mountains. Six Sherpas injured during the catastrophic accident in the mountains are now being treated in the hospitals of Kathmandu.

Sixteen happy families have been shattered into pieces. One of them is of Ang Kaji Sherpa’s. Aged 36, Ang Kaji Sherpa was the member of five successful Everest Expeditions. He was planning to retire after 10 triumphant summits over world’s highest peak Everest. On 13th April 2014, he spoke to her daughter and asked her to pray for him as the weather wasn’t fair enough. Fate wasn’t favoring the family and prayers remained unheard and hence unlucky six cost him his life, leaving behind his six helpless dependants with lifelong grieves.


The highly skilled and experienced team of Sherpa Icefall Doctors play the most vital role for any successful expedition to Everest from the Nepalese side of the mountain. They really are the architects who construct the easy road to Everest summit to all the climbers who pay heavy amount to achieve the permission for Everest Expedition. Before the climbers begin towards the world’s zenith these Sherpas fix several ladders across the deep crevasses, they also fix thin nylon ropes at open ends to guide the climbers as well as to prevent mishaps. These Sherpas are the ones who confront the challenges of Everest Expedition, so that the climbers can follow their trails to achieve the biggest adventurous milestone- conquering Everest.

Explore Himalaya expresses heartfelt condolences and prays for the strength to bear the irrecoverable loss to all the beavering families of  brave Sherpas who lost their lives during this biggest tragedy in the Everest. May your souls peacefully rest in heaven.



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Everest High Passes Trek, tests trekkers endurance to high altitude

Everest High Passes Trek is globally considered one of the most challenging treks. Also known as “3 Passes Trek” the trek starts at Lukla and winds through the traditional Everest Base Camp Trial till Dingboche 4410m. Nangkar Tshang 5616m could be an ideal day hike activity from Dingboche before the trek enters the Chukkung Valley. Cross Passing Kongma La Pass 5535m once again the 3 Passes Trek enters Khumbu Valley. Exploring Kalapattar 5545m and Everest Base Camp 5357m, the Everest High Passes Trek then heads towards the famous Gokyo Valley. On the way, climbing Awi Peak 5245m could be an interesting part of the trek. Cross passing Cho La Pass 5330m, the trek officially enters the Gokyo Valley. Gokyo Valley, the valley Lakes is the prime highlight of the Trek. Gokyo Ri 5360m, a ridge above the valley which offers the stunning views of Everest and Makalu is a bonus reward at Gokyo Valley. The final part of the trek winds through Renjo La Pass 5360m and slides down to Lukla via Lumde, Thame, Namche and Monjo. Everest High Passes not only test the trekkers endurance, it also offers the natural and cultural highlights of three major valleys at the base of Everest; Chukkung (Imja), Khumbu and Gokyo.
Three New Zealanders, Ms. Grayling Colleen, Mr. Kevin Cruickshank and Mr. John Pope with an American trekker Mr. Brown Sean were on this challenging 3 Passes trek with us. After the completion of the trek the group also enjoyed the wildlife activities at Chiwan National Park.
Here we have a short testimonial by Ms. Colleen and Mr. Kevin after the completion of their trekking and wildlife holiday in Nepal.

The sceneries and the landscapes during High Passes Trek where we also had an opportunity to meet kind local people and the wildlife activities at Chitwan are the best memories of this Holiday.
The service of Explore Himalaya was very good; the staffs were very helpful, guide was excellent and the hotels we stayed in were great.
We would definitely recommend Explore Himalaya to friends and family.

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Langtang trek very well blends with Kathmandu sightseeing tour and Chitwan wildlife tour to explore more of Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is always a fascinating experience. If a wildlife tour and rural activities are added to a trekking adventure while exploring Nepal with a family, the vacation definitely becomes a blast. Six Danish travelers, Poulsens and Panduros through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel recently trekked and toured around Nepal with us. Their tour began with the cultural sightseeing tour to traditional Newari villages, flanking Kathmandu; Bungmati and Khokona. They also visited few Heritage sites in Kathmandu out of many, which represented the prosperous civilization of ancient and medieval Nepal. The school visit and the homestay programs at Nuwakot, a famous mid-hill village of central Nepal allowed them to closely understand the culture of rural Nepal. Prior to their departure to Nuwakot the mountain flight was eventually the best air travel of their lives. The group had the trek to Langtang which was the prime highlight of their holiday to Nepal. Their trek to Langtang covered the famous Kyanjin Gompa, Langtang Village and the day hike to Tsergo Ri. As soon as Langtang Trek was completed for the wildlife adventure, the group headed towards Chitwan, a famous wildlife park in the central lowland terai of Nepal. Chitwan was amazing experience for the Danish group. After enjoying the diverse aspects of Nepal for eighteen days the group departed Nepal on April 16, 2014.
Here we have few lines by Poulsens and Panduros regarding the holiday in Nepal with Explore Himalaya.

The activities at Chitwan National Park and the trek are the best memories of our holiday to Nepal. Bathing with the elephants at Chitwan and mingling with the nature during trek were awesome experiences. Our guide Lamababu is a great guide to travel with.
The services of Explore Himalaya were great. Everything was super. Meeting and handling, guides, office staffs and hotels we stayed in, everything were perfect. You have taken care of us in a very nice way.
We would recommend a tour like this to others and certainly with Explore Himalaya.


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Langtang Trek- A beautiful Himalayan region comprising many glaciers and sacred lakes

langtang (2)

Driving on a tar road northwest out of Kathmandu, the road heads towards Dunche. As soon as the ride gains elevation at Kakani, it starts to offer the beautiful views of Ganesh Himalaya. The road beyond Trishuli Bazaar gets tougher and the adventurous fun of the Langtang Trek is hereby announced. The closest trekking destination from the Nepalese capital Kathmandu 130km, Langtang is the incomparable blend of natural and cultural treasures. The valley closer to Tibet comprises the first National Park of Nepal, Langtang National Park. The rare valley from where the 3600 view of Himalayas can be viewed, Langtang is dominated by Langtang Lirung 7,246m.

langtang (18)

Langtang Trek is the third favorable trekking destination in Nepal after Everest Region and Annapurna Region Treks. However, the trek to Langtang not only offers breathtaking sceneries, it also allows an opportunity to witness the lifestyles and culture of Tibetan Tamangs whose craftsmanship, dialects, attires and homes still represent the exceptionality of ancient Tibetans. Home to more than 70 big and small glaciers, Langtang also highlights the high altitude sacred Lakes including Gosainkunda and Dudhkunda. Amazing wildlife including several species of migratory birds and highland mammals, Langtang is an ideal trekking destination to both novice and experienced trekkers.

Here we have a short photo essay on Langtang Trek, have a look. At the end of the photo essay we have a beautiful lines by Ms. Tina Nielsen and Mr. Jens Christian Iversen, who were the members different Danish groups,  trekking to Langtang this spring with us. 10 trekkers in Tina’s group and 15 in Jens group, both team of Danish trekkers  were through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel.

A testimonial by Ms. Tina Nielsen

The unplanned change in our itinerary so we had a lovely walk in the highland forest is worthwhile remembering rest of our lives. The beautiful nature throughout the trek and meeting friendly people in the Himalayas were the great experiences of the Langtang Trek. We had a great holiday and hence rate the service of Explore Himalaya with five stars.

A testimonial by Jens C. Iversen

14 members on the top of Kyanjin Ri is by far the best memory of the entire trek to Langtang. The service of Explore Himalaya was very professional. We rate their service with 5 stars.


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