Everest Skydive 2015 – the legacy of world’s greatest adventure continues

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"Walking along with the painful scars given by devastating quake of April 25 2015, Nepal decides to continue the legacy of World’s Highest Skydiving Event – the Everest Skydive. Like the previous years, the elite aerial adventure on the top of world will bring many adventure extremists and adrenaline junkies to the elevated airstrips of Syangboche. The flight loads flying with these adventure seekers taking them high into the thinner air and the electrifying jumps (tandem or solo) from the lofty clear skies facing Everest will once again seek the attention of every adventure lover across the globe."

Backed up by expert skydiving professionals and our team to support these experts in every possible ways are more than ready to deliver the biggest adventure of the world once again. The Everest Skydive 2015 will begin from October 30 and will end on November 9.

If you dare to test the limits of adventurous soul within you and if you wish to eliminate acrophobia that might have haunted you for years, we offer you Everest Skydive – Give it a try.

In today’s post we have few photographs of previous years Everest Skydive just to remind and refresh the moments we have lived while organizing the event that has set many astounding records in the adventure arena.

Have a look.

Everest Base Camp Trek – enhances the dream of conquering beautiful white beast

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"After the thorough assessment by Miyamoto International, US based Engineering Firm and our recent client experience, we are delighted to declare that Everest Base Camp Trek and other treks in Everest Region are absolutely safe to trek." Everest Base Camp Trek after quake 2015

"Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular treks in the world not just because it takes trekkers to the base camp of the highest mountain of the world; it also caters the excellence of alpine landscapes ideally blended with the authentic and amazing Sherpa culture, which solely has potential to grab the attention of travelers craving to witness the unique cultures around the world."

Everest Base Camp Trek- Lukla Airport gateway to world's highest peak

Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla - World's most thrilling Airstrips

"Everest Base Camp Trek, the most sought walking escapade that takes trek aficionados as high as 5545m (Kalapattar) is throughout a thrilling adventure. Our tailor made trek to the base camp of Everest supported by veteran Sherpa Guides and top-notch gears allows proper acclimatization." Everest Base Camp Trek after quake 2015

Almost a couple of weeks walking journey, the classic Everest Base Camp trek begins with scenically thrilling Trans Himalayan Flight to Lukla, which is a cliff hanging airstrip with the bustling tourist Bazaar- the most ideal gateway to every trek in Everest Region. Trekking through the Dudh Koshi River Valley and at times traversing across the dense woodlands of Sagarmatha National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site known for conserving rare Himalayan pheasants and Himalayan mammals), the trek arrives at the Sherpa Capital, Namche, which is the vibrant tourist hub of Khumbu providing trekkers with many modern facilities like internet, ATMS and of course, ISD phones.

Everest Base Camp Trek after quake 2015
"Continuing to walk along the trails of rolling hills, trekkers cross pass diverse climatic regions and the diverse forestlands frequently encountering amazing Sherpa culture in highland Sherpa hamlets and vibrant Buddhist monasteries in these villages." Everest Base Camp Trek after quake 2015

The long line of mani walls and fluttering prayer flags before entering the elevated Sherpa settlements depicts the revered Sherpa culture and the welcoming gesture to everyone putting efforts to go higher into the thin air. As the trek goes higher the Himalayan view dominated by Everest and its nearest siblings feast our eyes with closer alpine magnificence.

Everest Base Camp Trek after quake 2015
En route take your time to savor the amazing blend of nature and culture at Tengboche as the monastery caters unparallel view of Mt. Ama Dablam at its backdrop. Until Tengboche, the trek is relatively easier as it is still below 4000m. Everest Base Camp Trek after quake 2015 The strenuous section of the trek begins beyond Tengboche and hence trekkers need to cope with the thinner air in elevated Himalayan Region. However, our expertise in organizing high altitude treks allows trekkers for prior and proper acclimatization and hence that would not be a problem.

As the trek continues to gain elevation, it begins to traverse through shrub like woods and finally enters the nival region. The sparsely populated villages like Lobuche will be catering exceptional hospitality considering the geographical conditions it is located at. The final section of the trek cross passes the summer settlement of yak herders, Gorakshep and eventually make up to the colorful Everest Base Camp with the adventurous glacial walk, which in true sense is an achievement.

Everest Base Camp Trek after quake 2015
Standing at the base camp of Everest from where avid mountaineers like Hillary, Tenzing, Taibe and Appa Sherpa started their journeys to the summit of mighty Everest no doubt enhances the greed to conquer the beautiful white beast soaring right before eyes. Eventually, the walk to the top of Kalapattar 5545m, the mountain of black rock, which is the vantage point to sight the whole view of Everest, is the last major highlight of Everest Base Camp Trek before retracing the trail back to Lukla.

For more details on Everest Base Camp Trek please follow the link here.


Rafting in Nepal – Paddling with the rapids of Himalayan Rivers

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Rafting_2 Rivers that originated from the “Mighty Himalayas” are awesome spectrums for adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies from all over the globe.Nepal has earned its reputation for being a supreme white water rafting and kayaking destination in the world.  Very few Rafting destinations in the world can match the thundering liquid highways that carve their ways out to plains through amazing Himalaya terrains. The rivers twist and turn through canyon and the calm valleys catering awesome white water thrills with the view of the Himalayan vistas making the experience even better. Rafting in Nepal is a chance to explore some of the most beautiful and unknown aspects of the country, which include natural heritages and cultural diversity apart from the thrilling adventure in the liquid highways. Rafting-1 Trishuli, Seti, Kali Gandaki, Bhotekoshi, Sunkoshi, Karnali, Marshyangdi, Arun, Tamur are the famous rivers which has been hosting the river activities for decades. These difficulty rafting in these rivers are classified on the basis of the river torrents and the challenging river rapids . These rivers can host novice as well as professional Rafters and kayakers. September, October, November, early December, March, April, May, and early Juneare good months for rafting in the in Himalayan rivers of Nepal. Rafting is also said to be the thrilling highlights of the trip to Nepal. Rafting-3

Glimpse on latest tourism news of Nepal

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1. Despite undergoing cancer treatment, the former US President Jimmy Carter gets clean chit to travel to Nepal this coming November. 91 year old Carter will volunteer the charitable organization Humanity for Habitat during six-day construction project in Chitwan. Jimmy Carter coming to Nepal 2. 51 year old Austrian Climber died on an expedition to summit Mt. Manaslu 8156m, the eighth highest mountain in the world. He died at Camp IV while returning back to Base Camp after the successful summit. 3. Japanese climber Nobukazu Kuriki, who lost nine fingers to frostbite during his attempt to summit Everest in 2012 plans to conquer the world’s highest peak once again this week. The only person attempting to reach the top of the Everest this season failed to summit the world’s crown last week. Nobkazu Kuriki , Japanese  climber who lost his nine fingers to forstbite in 2012 4. After the devastating quake, Nepalese tourism was gradually starting to get the normal pace with travelers and trekkers across the world thronging to the Himalayan nation. However, after the new constitution was released the undeclared blockade at Indo-Nepal border and the political unrest have somehow made adverse impact in Nepalese Tourism. 5. Nepal could implement new rule to summit Everest from the next season. As per the proposed rules, climbers who have past experience of successfully climbing at least 6500 m plus peaks would be permitted to undertake the Everest Expedition. Climbers above 18 and below 75 would be allowed to scale Everest. Disable climbers would be barred from the Everest Summit. 6. On the auspicious occasion of International Tourism Day, Pokhara, the major tourist town 200km west of Kathmandu organizes Himalayan Air Festival to revive Nepalese Tourism. Colorful and vibrant celebration for two days, the festival catered once- in-lifetime spectacle over the sky above Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Massifs. Himalayan-air-festival-nepal 7. In the JATA Tourism Expo 2015 held in Tokyo Japan, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) representing the Himalayan Nation was one of 150 participants. The event at Tokyo International Exhibition Centre was held from September 24 to 27. 8. During Expo Milano 2015 in Milan Italy on September 30, the Nepal Day was observed organizing various cultural and promotional ceremonies. Almost seven hundred thousand 700,000 Euros was collected for the quake victims of Nepal during the Event. 9. After the devastating quake in Nepal in April 2015, Lonely Planet is revising its two Nepal travel guides. Nepal (£17.99) and Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya (£14.99) will be revised and reissued until December 2015. 10. Group of International and local Nepalese photographers have put combined efforts to promote destination Nepal via social sites. #MyGHT in Instagram has been a popular trend that manifests images of Nepal after the quake. Photographers for the mission include Tyler Metcalfe, a photographer and producer with National Geographic, renowned international instagrammers Liz Eswein, Jordan Herschel, Hiroaki Fukuda, and two local photographers, Shikhar Bhattarai and Mohan Duwal.   

Indra Jatra 2015 – the major celebration in KTM Durbar Square after quake 2015

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Indra jatra 2015, the major celebration in Kathmandu Valley after quake 2015 The festival dedicated to the King of heaven also the Rain God, Indra begins on the day of the Bhadra Dwadasi and ends on Ashwin Krishna Chaturdasi according to the lunar calendar. As per the Gregorian calendar, either the festival falls during late September or the early October, which is the beginning of high tourist season (autumn) in Nepal. Indra jatra 2015, the major celebration in Kathmandu Valley after quake 2015

As per the Hindu myth, the king of the heaven, Indra visited Kathmandu Valley in search of the sacred flower Parijat for his mother, to perform a holy ceremony in the heaven. Indra was caught stealing the flower and was kept hostage by the Tantric of the valley. When Lord Indra did not return to heaven, and the rainfall stopped to pour across the world, pleads of human on earth grabbed the attention of Indra’s mother, Dakine Devi. In search of her son, she came to the valley and discovered that Indra was imprisoned by the tantric. After the tough negotiation and the oath taken by Indra himself for the timely rainfall in the valley, the lord of the heaven was released. Since then the festival is observed in Kathmandu to please Indra so that he would provide enough rain in the valley.

Indra jatra 2015, the major celebration in Kathmandu Valley after quake 2015 Indra jatra 2015, the major celebration in Kathmandu Valley after quake 2015
The festival kicks off by putting up a 36 feet long Linga (Yasingh), a ceremonial pole, which is made by the chosen tree from the woodland of Kavre, the district east of Kathmandu. During the occasion of pole erection the vibrant display from the living deity Akash Bhairab, who wears colorful large mask and spouts Jaad and raksi (Nepali local liquors) from the mouth is worthwhile observing. Indra jatra 2015, the major celebration in Kathmandu Valley after quake 2015 Households throughout Kathmandu (especially Newars) display images and sculptures of Indra and Bhairab at this time of year. On the final day of Indra Jatra the Kumari (living goddess) along with other Living Gods of the valley Kumar & Ganesha, leave the seclusion of their temples in adorned palanquins and lead processions through the streets of Kathmandu to thank Indra, the rain god. Indra jatra 2015, the major celebration in Kathmandu Valley after quake 2015   The main attraction of the festival is the procession of chariots and masked dancers representing deities and demons. During the festival varieties of masked dancing sequences from different locales of Kathmandu like Sawa Bhakku Bhairav dance from Halchowk, Majipa Lakhey dance from Majipat, Devi Nach and Yeravathatthi from Naradevi Mahakali and Kathi Maka Nach from Bhaktapur add fascinating attractions to all the wonderful highlights of this vibrant festival. Indra jatra 2015, the major celebration in Kathmandu Valley after quake 2015 On the final day after the Linga (Yasingh) is pulled down the festival ends. Later on, the linga is taken to the confluence of holy Bagmati and Bishnumati Rivers in Teku to submerge it. Indra jatra 2015, the major celebration in Kathmandu Valley after quake 2015

The great festival of Indra Jatra was celebrated with great joy in Kathmandu Durbar Square this year. Though the devastating earthquake shook the country during April this year, the natives of the valley still celebrated the festival with their heads high. Their hearts filled with pride and joy despite the grounded monuments all over the ancient heritage site, the people observed it with great enthusiasm. People were gathered in numbers at the site to enjoy the authentic Newari music and to witness the Living Goddess Kumari processing in her chariot followed by the chariots of Vhairab and Ganesh. Though the celebration site looked bit empty compared to last year celebration, the energy of the people witnessing the festival and the pride they had towards their heritage and culture was remarkable to observe.

Indra jatra 2015, the major celebration in Kathmandu Valley after quake 2015    

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The service of the staff was excellent. The lodges in Bardia and Pokhara were excellent, and their staffs also, especially in Bardia. Hotel Dwarika in Kathmandu is a very good hotel. Sure we are going to recommend this trip to our friends!

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